Topic: Life and 7 Years Cycle

In fact our human life should not be divided into stages: childhood, development and aging. Every seven years, our bodies and minds go through a crisis and are completely renewed. In fact, if you live to seventy years of age, an average life expectancy, your body will die ten times. Every seven-year cycle, everything changes again - that's like changing seasons. Within seventy years, this circle will be completed. A complete circle from when we were born to death is formed in seventy years.

The first 7-year cycle - I am the center of the world, an absolute ego.

For the first 7 years, the child considered it the center of the world. The whole family revolves around it. Whatsoever it needs, they will complete immediately, otherwise it will be angry, angry. It lives like a King, a true King - Parents and everyone in the family only exist for it. And of course it thinks, that is also true for the wider world out there. The moon appears because of it; The sun appears because of it; the season changed because of it. The child for the first seven years is still an absolute ego, taking himself as a center. If you ask psychologists, they will say that the child in the first seven years remains self-satisfied, satisfied for himself. It doesn't need anything else, no one else. It feels full.
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