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Everyday Keke Coutee Jersey , more of your expenses are determined by your credit score. The deposits you pay to start services like cable, internet, telephone, or utilities are higher if you have bad credit (if you have to pay them. Oftentimes people with good credit don’t have to). The interest rates and finance charges you can end up paying on car loans, mortgages, student loans Jordan Akins Jersey , and credit cards may be significantly higer as well. Even your car insurance payments can be higher now if your credit score is low. How much is good credit really worth? You’re about to find out…

But really, how damaging is it if you don’t have good credit? The answer may shock you:

You could, over the course of your life, lose hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars if you don’t have a good credit score.

Let’s use a simple payment like a car payment to show how this works. For someone with good credit, the interest rate on a car payment can be very low, around 3% to 4% (as of this writing). Someone with low or no credit scores can pay very high interest rates for a car loan Martinas Rankin Jersey , as high as 18% or more.

The payment on a $15,000 car loan with a 4% interest rate over 4 years is $339 a month. The same car loan with a 15% interest rate is $417 a month. That’s a difference of $78 a month, just because of your credit!

Now, take that $78 difference over the course of a year, and it’s $936 a year more that you’re paying because of your credit. Take it over 10 years, and it’s $9 Justin Reid Jersey ,360 dollars. You literally lose the money to buy a nice used car every ten years just because of your credit.

Where the damage really comes in is over the long term. Were you to take that $78 payment over 40 years, covering all the vehicles you own from age 20 to 60, and now you’re talking about a grand total of $37,440 dollars. Were the effects of compoounding interest from even a moderate investment added into the equation, and you are easily losing a couple hundred thousand dollars.

A staggering amount of loss, all from a $78 difference in payment. But what if we were talking about hundreds of dollars a month?

Currently Cullen Gillaspia Jersey , the interest rate on a 30year fixed mortgage can be as low as 4.5% for someone with good credit. Someone with bad credit: 9%. That creates a difference of $446 a month in payments on a $150,000 home load. Just the difference in payments alone without counting for the lost opportunity to invest over 40 years adds up to $214,080. That could easily cover a couple of very nice college educations, or even a house!!

The examples could continue forever, taking into consideration insurance payments, credit cards Kahale Warring Jersey , etc. You could quite easily be looking at a difference of $700-$800 a month just for having a good credit score. That adds up to hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars over your lifetime!

Your credit score is, however, something that you can learn to control. If your credit isn’t perfect, you can repair it by either learning how to repair it yourself, or seeking help from reputable credit repair professionals. And if you already have a great credit score, protecting it from the rising tide of identity theft is a smart move.

The bottom line: Educate yourself so you can take control of your credit score as fast as you can. It’s worth a fortune to you and your family.

This article has been abridged to fit the format of this website. For the complete Max Scharping Jersey , original article, including additional supporting information and resources, please click this link –> How Much is a Good Credit Score Really Worth?

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