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What is Google Page Rank

Author: Jansen D'Silva

We often hear of Google Page Rank and this topic is imminent in most Internet Marketing forums. We know higher Page Rank means that the website or blog is of some quality but what is Page Rank? and How is it determined?

Page Rank(PR) is a tool that Google uses to determine a sites quality and effectiveness. It is determined by the number of quality backlinks a site has. What is determined as a quality backlink?

Link building is the most trickiest part of SEO. Most website and blog owners go about link building by the reciprocal link method. It simply means both sites links to one another Harrison Smith Womens Jersey , so a fair and win-win situation for both parties. Each of these links carries a different weight which is determined by their Page Rank.

If your site is of PR 3 and you link to a site of PR 5 and this site links back to you, then the weight of the link from the PR 5 site to your site is higher than the weight of the link from your site. This is because the link which is pointing to your site is from a PR 5 site which Google have already determine to be a quality and important site to them. The weight of that link can be higher if the PR 5 site that linked to your site is of the same content as your site. Google rates link of the same content to be more higher and important than from a link of a different content.

The limitation to reciprocal linking method is that when a site has too many links that points to other sites. This effects the weight of the link. When you link to a site of this type, even when the PR are the same and your site has only two links pointing out from your site, then the weight of the link you receive is lower.

The best is still a one way link and this carries much more weight than reciprocal links. If you inject real quality content and very useful resources to your site, then eventually your site will achieve this.

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