It all about politeness Kevin Byard Titans Jersey , exchange, mutual visits, sharing, feeling part of a community.

Step no.5: Be excellent. And try to be even better. And then, try a little harder still.

Step no.6: When time is ripe Derrick Henry Titans Jersey , gather your courage and publish your first volume of short stories andor your first collection of poems andor your first novel in ebook-format. Try out Amazon Kindle, for instance. Try out smashwords. Tell the whole world youe done it (i.e. mail your mom and your aunts and uncles; your friends; spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Tribal Blogs Austin Johnson Titans Jersey , you name it; don tell your boss, though, as shehe might become suspicious of your work motivation ?you can tell herhim after youe received your first huge contract with Penguin AND your first huge paycheck for the first million copies sold).

Step no.7: Create a Free-Copy-coupon for your ebooks on smashwords. Send it to your friends, invite fellow bloggers to read your work and write about it.

Step no.8: Visit US Adult Trade Literary Agents, where the writer Gerard Jones has compiled an exhaustive list of Literary Agents (with their emails!). Send an email to every single email address. That sounds tedious but it can be quite fun if you do it while sipping a glass of French champagne and listening to Massive Attack (however Kevin Dodd Titans Jersey , make it Marylin Manson or similar if the task starts to make you feel grumpy). The first of the seven pages contains some 190 addresses; you can do it in an hour. Write a nice little text; for your convenience, here the one I came up with:

ood morning,

Do you think I can directly go from Amazon Kindle Selfpublishing to Nobel Prize in Literature? Wouldn that be wonderful? But if this dream came true, I wouldn need you anymore, now Jack Conklin Titans Jersey , would I?

I gather your desk is overflowing with unsolicited manuscripts. Fear not ?I not going to add mine to the pile. On the contrary, I like to offer you not one, but two gifts! Yes, I in a generous mood today. If you can spare a minute, just go to smashwords and download both my collection of short stories and my collection of poems for free.

Here are the links and the free-copy-coupons:

hy Kevin Byard Jersey , thank you, that? you say.

Yours sincerely

Here I signed

PS: More of my writing on my blog. If you can spare another minute or so Derrick Henry Jersey , that is.?p>

And added my blog address right below.

Step no.9: Wait for the right fish to take the bait. Get yourself published.

Step no.10: Buy a designer tuxedo or evening robe and prepare your speech for the Nobel Prize in Literature (jeans and T-shirt, whatever practical, won do; youe going to meet the Swedish king after all).

PS: Do I sound naive? Well, I guess I am.

Rickie has been sharing the best blog tips and tricks for writers since 2006. Check out his best articles about blogging Blogging tips for writers who care about grammar, Blogging tips for writers who care about grammar Austin Johnson Jersey , Blogging tips for writers who care about grammar!

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