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Gold is one of the most popular precious metals considered as an investment for times of financial crisis. Most central banks of countries purchase gold for what they term as gold reserve to back up their currencies. It is estimated that central banks around the world own roughly 19% of gold that has been mined. The rest of the above ground gold is held by private individuals as jewelry.

Whether individually owned as jewelry or held as gold reserve by banks Quincy Williams II Shirt , gold is considered a worthwhile investment because historically, the price of gold continues to rise. Many factors affect the price of gold but it is the law of supply and demand that influences it the most. History also shows that there has always been a high demand for gold, as can be concluded from the increase in its prices.

So when you hit some financial emergencies you can easily get cash for gold jewelry. This comparative ease is in relation to real estate, which can likewise be considered good investment. There are two options in securing cash for gold jewelry. You can either place the jewelry as collateral for a loan or sell it to get cash. Either way Josh Oliver Shirt , you have to get an idea how much you should be receiving for the jewelry.

Jewelry appraisal considers a number of factors such as karat, weight and the prevailing price of gold. Karat value is the amount of gold that is in the jewelry in contrast to other metals or alloy. By itself, gold is too soft and pliable to be made into durable jewelry. Pure gold can easily be misshapen. Hence, alloys have to be added in order to add solidity. Hence Jawaan Taylor Shirt , karat means the pureness of the gold. The higher the karat, the more gold content the jewelry has. Unadulterated gold is 24 karats or 24K. Most jewelry are coded on the underside that indicates the karat.

The gold jewelry  weight is also taken into consideration in jewelry appraisal. It is measured by troy ounce equivalent to 31.1 grams. Also considered when appraising the amount of cash for gold jewelry is the current price of gold in the world market. The prices of gold can be verified from that set by the London bullion market. As mentioned before, the price of gold is affected primarily by the law of supply and demand.

Another aspect that can influence the amount of cash for gold jewelry is the workmanship or the aesthetic worth. Antiques, collectibles such as gold coins Josh Allen Shirt , historic and those made by highly regarded establishments such as Tiffany  would also account for more cash for jewelry. The condition of the jewelry, whether it is in perfect condition or not can also adds to its value. Misshapen, crooked or mismatched jewelry are considered scrap gold jewelry. These will fetch a lower price that those that are in mint condition because the additional factors are not taken into consideration. Rather it is only the karat, weight and price of gold that influence the amount of cash you would be getting for your jewelry.

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