Topic: Rose Origami Course

How beautiful it is, get a bunch for your boyfriend and girlfriend!
Material:EVA foam

1. Prepare a piece of eva foam suppliers about 15 centimeters or so
2. The quadrilateral cross folds, leaving clear creases.
3. Fold the paper in half and then in four according to the crease.
4. At the center of the origami, fold out a small triangle that does not exceed 1 centimeter. You can see a small square by unrolling the whole sheet of paper. At this time, strengthen the side of the square.
5. Hold the creases on both sides, squeeze them into the middle, form a mussel's mouth, and correct the corners of the clam's mouth again.
6. The clam mouth needs to be made on both sides, and then the paper is unfolded, and you can see a new square like this.
7. The sides of the square continue to fold out the creases forcefully
8. In turn, let that little square go down.
9. Pay attention to the slightly curved crease
10. Repeat the above steps on all four sides, and you'll get what you're doing.
11. According to the arc crease, centered around a small square, start the spiral and indent the four angles at the same time
12. It is possible to rotate and tighten to such a degree
13. Keep folding and press the edge in from the nest that faces the little square in the back
14. A corner is inserted into it so that the bottom of the rose is folded
15. In turn, trim out the shape of the petals and fold the origami roses
16. Can continue to add flower stem and other details

Dear guys, have you learned?

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