Topic: Choose air source heat pump

The following points should be noted when purchasing air source heat pump equipment:
1. Product configuration
Air source heat pump heating unit is mainly composed of evaporator, condenser, compressor, expansion valve four major components, as well as reversing valve, machine plate, fan, motor, liquid storage tank and other parts of the closed system.
Generally speaking, the choice of accessories is the hard and fast index of unit performance. We must pay attention to the configuration of products when we choose and buy products.
2. Conversion of energy efficiency of the overall operation of the system (including energy saving)
No matter how high the configuration is combined, the highest energy efficiency of the system may not be exerted. Therefore, when purchasing products, we must pay attention to the overall operation energy efficiency of the products and the invention patents used by enterprises to improve product performance.
3. Stability of equipment
The unit running stability is high, that is, the unit after the test of time, the unit failure rate is low, stable operation performance.

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