Topic: These days, I have

These days, I have been rushing between the hospital and my home. I have no idea what the notification of the unit has to offer. I want to be with my absent-mindedness. I would like to take a vacation and accompany my child to recover. When the child is asleep, I sneak into the kitchen and think about it. Nutritious food, when the child wakes up to add some energy. Open the refrigerator fresh-keeping layer, a few yellow vegetables and a few boxes of yogurt, the bottom layer is the egg, the bottom layer is the cooked food that was bought a few days ago and has not been eaten. I rushed out and put it in a warm boiler to heat it. I thought it would be best to fill my stomach before cooking and wait for the chopsticks to wait. I took a bite, couldn��t tell the taste, ate the second bite, and ate the third bite. Hey, things went bad! I dropped the chopsticks and ran to the pool to gargle, lowering the sound, fearing to wake the child and sit. When I go back to the living room Buy Cigarettes Online Cheap, I have no appetite. We often put the purchased ingredients or the rest of the food into the refrigerator. We always feel that it can be kept fresh when we put it in, so we will take them out one day, two days... until we think about it. A plate is placed on the dinner table. But we also found that if the time is long enough, the things in the refrigerator will still become stale, deteriorate or break, and escape the fate of throwing into the trash can suddenly think of the relationship between people, the subtle feeling is like a great Ingredients in the refrigerator. We have no way to adjust the temperature to 4 ��C for interpersonal relationships, and we have no ability to set the shelf life of the relationship. There is no interpersonal instruction manual in hand. Along the way, we try to get along with others, and measure the distance from others from the comfort of getting along, so as to judge whether a friend or a non-friend has made two non-intimate people become friends because of some kind of chance, for example, in you. When the most embarrassing, the man stood up for you, or when she was the most lonely, you were freed from the busy, you became friends, nothing to talk about, the wind blowing on the face is like a 4 �� C preservation. For a moment, you are impulsive and want to climb to the roof to worship, watching the dark nights and the fear of the night. At that time, you all thought that this life will be the most important friend of each other, there is no possibility to put You are separated Wholesale Newports. One week, you stick together every day. You try to take time to meet each month. In three months, you find that you haven��t been in contact for several days Newport 100S Price. You��ve been a little embarrassed for half a year and a year, because you��re leaving each other��s life. For too long, there is no more energy to understand each other's status quo, and there is no more time to re-recognize each other. Later, you are used to this alienation, life is still calm, people come and go occasionally to look at the past diary Seeing the bits and pieces of that year Wholesale Cigarettes For Resale, you suddenly want to figure out which day you said goodbye, but when you turn to the end, you start to cry. It turns out that you never said goodbye, from beginning to end. If a friend has a new friend, no one can participate in the life of the other person. The cost of the conversation is too high. We have no energy to reconcile the stories that are absent, and we know that the other party cannot understand the details of one and a half points. All of our pain, so many moments that I want to speak Cigarette Wholesalers, I have been swallowed up, or become "I am okay, so? The preservation period between people and people." How long is the temperature of 4 �� C preservation?

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