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Actors in Japanese military uniforms eat dinner on the set of a World War II-era movie at the Hengdian film city.
Entertainment has its place AC Milan Jerseys For Sale , but outlandish TV shows with Japanese war themes do not serve the solemn memory of history, Han Bingbin reports.

A female warrior is pressed against the ground by a group of Japanese soldiers who viciously rape her. With unexpected strength, she grabs a bow and arrows near her while suddenly rolling herself over and jumping to the air. What followed is a scene that goes far beyond realism: Without missing a shot, she kills all the Japanese soldiers in the blink of an eye.

In another scenario, a Chinese knight-errant, who's obviously a kung fu practitioner Cheap AC Milan Jerseys , punches his fist through the body of a Japanese soldier and tears him in half. This action is mockingly remembered by Chinese netizens as "shredding a squid".

Such overly exaggerated plots have caused a massive online wave of criticism targeting Chinese TV serials that celebrate heroes during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression (1937-45) but have blatantly exceeded what is proper.

In May last year, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television removed all TV serials set during the period from primetime hours, and strictly forbade those showing signs of legendizing or overly dramatizing war events from being aired at all.

However Cheap Xavi Hernandez Jersey , the administration recently required China's satellite channels to broadcast TV serials with anti-fascist war subjects between early September and the end of October, to honor the 69th anniversary of the war victory.

It's not clear what to expect on Chinese screens as major channels are reportedly busy rearranging their program tables. But it has raised concerns that such absurd war dramas may once again take over Chinese screens.

As Chinese TV serials still have to undergo official review, many TV genres that once flourished on screen, such as crime, time-travel and spy-themed dramas, have been reduced significantly in number after being restricted without explanation.

TV serials with themes of the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression have long been considered to be the safest card to play Cheap Thomas Vermaelen Jersey , as they promote patriotism and have little risk in making political mistakes.

While facts of the war are frequently denied by the Japanese government, says TV industry consulting agency Ze Media's founder Du Zezhuang, broadcasting TV serials with war themes has been a psychological ritual and a way for people to remember the past.

In 2012 in Hengdian, China's largest film-shooting site in Zhejiang province, of all the 150 film and TV drama crews, 48 are set during the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression period. Among Hengdian's 300 Cheap Sergio Busquets Jersey ,000 extra actors, 60 percent have reportedly played Japanese soldiers. A rough calculation by the media showed 10,846 Japanese soldiers "died" in TV series shot between Jan 30 and March 2 in 2013.

However, in many of these creations, TV makers boldly create stories where the lines between good and bad are naively drawn, and war heroes possess skills far beyond human limits. Running on the walls Cheap Sergi Roberto Jersey , iron palms, using embroidery needles as weapons and other martial-arts film elements have become common occurrences in what are expected to be realistic dramas.

Guangzhou-based critic Li Qianfan said on his micro blog that these TV dramas fool audiences and their naive interpretation of the war has a bad influence on the public, especially young people.

Despite the criticism, such TV serials have proved to be popular. Kang Ri Qi Xia, a TV drama literally translated as "wonder knight against Japanese intrusion", which features the "shredding a squid" scene Cheap Samuel Umtiti Jersey , topped audience rating rankings on many regional channels. Popular war-themed TV serials reportedly generate profits of more than 200 percent.

Audiences do have a right to be entertained, China Central Academy of Drama's assistant professor Ni Jun tells China Central Television, but war-themed TV serials shouldn't be the genre to perform this duty.

"When it comes to time-travel stories and imperial harem gossips, a certain amount of dramatization is acceptable. But we can't do this with war-themed dramas. It's a great and solemn event. We should treat it with respect," she says.

Ni adds that solving this problem needs joint efforts by producers and TV stations. Instead of following the audience's needs, she says Cheap Rafinha Jersey , they should show some social responsibility and try to be educational.

Regarding what makes a good war story, Du Zezhuang with Ze Media says they should first of all objectively and loyally reflect history.

"In addition, they should abandon the old values that things are either black or white. They are supposed to present the complicated human nature and people's true feelings," he says.

At a glance

Applauded war-themed TV serials in recent years:

The Proof of Memories (2002)

The 29-episode TV series broadcast on CCTV chose the uncommon perspective of Chinese prisoners-of-war-turned-forced-laborers in Japan to look back on that period of history. It topples the traditional barrier between the Communist Party of China and Kuomintang soldiers on Chinese screens. This production also made Koji Yano, then a Japanese student in China, who played the laborer supervisor Cheap Paulinho Jersey , a familiar face to Chinese audiences, and he later appears in numerous war-themed TV series.

Drawing Sword (2005)

The 30-episode epic depicts the period from the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression until the Korean War (1950-53) from the perspective of fictional general Li Yunlong. Unlike many other Chinese TV series that create an impeccable protagonist, Li is a complicated figure who combines poor discipline, individual heroism and extraordinary bravery. Japanese soldiers are also unconventionally portrayed as well-

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