Topic: Characteristics of Pumps

_The performance of the pump is superior. The diaphragm metering pump is absolutely leaky, safe, accurate metering and transportation, and the flow rate can be arbitrarily adjusted from zero to the maximum quota range, and the pressure can be arbitrarily selected from the normal pressure to the maximum allowable range.

_Adjustment is intuitive and clear, work smoothly, no noise, small size, light weight, easy maintenance, can be used in parallel.

_The pump has many varieties, full performance, suitable for transportation from - 30 degrees to 450 degrees, viscosity is 0-800mm/s, maximum discharge pressure can reach 64Mpa, flow range is 0.1-20000L/h, measurement accuracy is within (+1%).

_According to the technological requirements, the pump can adjust the flow by hand and frequency conversion, and also can realize remote control and computer automatic control.
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