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That's right, as much I enjoyed those edge-of-the-seat moments playing the brutally demanding, and gorgeously brilliant, first person shooter, Call of Duty 2 on the Xbox 360 console at Best Buy, I decided the only scr888 logical decision at this point, was to hold steadfast and continue to scr888 have my son suffer with our existing, decaying arsenal of gaming consoles that currently litter the house 918kiss from top to bottom. So what was the driving forces that led me to this unpopular (at least with my son) conclusion, you ask. Well here's the shortlist.1. The Xbox 360 system is virtually scr888 impossible to find, and if you do, you have to buy the $800 - $1000 gaming bundle, which includes games that will surely be long forgotten in only a few short months.2. Pretty much every video scr888 game currently offered for the new 360 system is certainly not Scr888 appropriate for a 10 year old. You are limited to titles such as 918kiss Dead or Alive 4 and Perfect Dark, both rated M (for mature), or at best titles such as the 918kiss aforementioned Call of Duty 2, rated T (for teen).3. Very few games released for the new scr888 Xbox 360 gaming console will be compatible on the scr888 old Xbox system.....that really irritates me!4. From what I'm hearing, a fairly high percentage of the systems are experiencing some very significant technical problems, if not all together crashing.5. Oh, did I mention that you're going to have to shell out between $800 - $1000 for one of these sought after prizes?(see #1)So yea, a pretty simple decision after all. Not reliable, no child friendly game releases, and requires taking out a second mortgage on your home if you are lucky enough to find an in-stock bundle. Plus here's the other HUGE 918kiss reason to hold off. Both Sony and Nintendo will be releasing 918kiss their new high end gaming consoles in just a few more months....the PlayStation 3 and the 918kiss Revolution. It's estimated that the PlayStation 3 will be weighing in at under $500, with the Revolution at a $299 price point, and I'll guarantee you they will be on a mission to outperform the Xbox 360 in every way possible! Better still, both of these manufacturers 918kiss have already stated that their new systems will be completely backward compatible, meaning you don't have to scrap the shelf full of video games you already have! But, if at that point, you're still set on buying the Xbox 360 system, you can give Sony and Nintendo a mega888 call and thank them for mega888 saving you a few hundred bucks when Microsoft if forced to drop their prices in order to compete!An average PS3 game can cost about $40. mega888 Compare this to a DVD mega888 movie which averages about $20. A video game CD is much more expensive than a music CD or DVD movie but it mega888 gets used a whole lot more. Considering that your child is [url=

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