Topic: No seal self - priming pump features

Non - sealed self - priming pump we have a common WFB, as well as other types. This kind of non-sealed self-priming pump is a very popular type of pump valve products today, because this kind of products have very unique advantages, the following are the main characteristics:

  1, our company's production of non-sealed self-priming pump using "pump multi-sided centrifugal sealing device", eliminating the traditional pump packing seal, packing seal, mechanical seal, completely uniform "run, run, drop, leakage", is to replace a variety of long shaft liquid pump, submersible pump and other optimal equipment.

  2. With superior automatic control function, it can be used in combination with high-tech fields and highly automated systems.

  3, the operating process of the sealing device is not friction, no mo damage, the service life is longer than similar products more than 10 times.

  4, small vibration, low noise, flexible movement, easy to disassemble, easy to install, do not need to be fixed.

  5, transplant the vacuum pump principle, self-suction performance is stable and reliable, especially the use of "electric air control valve", really achieve "a drainage, lifelong self-suction".
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