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ADDIS ABABA, March 6 (Xinhua) -- The Following are news highlights in Ethiopia's major media outlets on Monday.

--Women are said to be major actors in the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

A 6km road race happened on Sunday across Ethiopia in connection with the International Women's Day (March 8) being marked for the 41st time in the country. Over 650,000 participants are believed to have taken part in the race held nationwide to raise funds for GERD. (Ethiopian Broadcasting CorporationEBC)

-- Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn of Ethiopia appreciates Uganda's firm stance on fair utilization of River Nile.

During his stay in Uganda, the Premier conferred with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni on issues of bilateral concern including the utilization of the Nile waters. (Ethiopian Broadcasting CorporationEBC)

-- Operating over 2,000 brands across the world with one billion units' sales annually, Nestle announced that it is considering Ethiopia to be one of its manufacturing destinations in the coming years although a final decision is yet to be made on setting up the manufacturing plant. (Fana Broadcasting CorporateFBC)

-- The Netherlands-African Business Council (NABC), in cooperation with the Ethiopian Embassy to the Benelux, the Baltic Countries and the EU, will organize a seminar on Doing Business in Ethiopia.

According to the Embassy of Ethiopia in Brussels, Belgium, the seminar is aimed at acquainting Dutch companies with current affairs in Ethiopia and attracting companies engaged in oilseeds, vegetable, dairy, poultry, spices, textiles, logistics, and construction sectors. (Fana Broadcasting Corporate)

Whether you do it seasonally, monthly or even semi-annually Ricky Seals-Jones Cardinals Jersey , likelihood is that you’ve opened up your icebox to make room for a new batch of filets you’ve very carefully packaged and need room. The display you find inside your freezer is likely to make you cower when you discover your meticulously packaged filets from last fall covered with ice crystals and freezer burn. It’s highly likely when confronted with this that you’ve filled up your garbage bag with a wide variety of filets that would have made an excellent meal, only now they are inedible due to freezer burn and ice crystals.

Nearly all of us forget that regardless of the fact that our freezer is frozen , water still does evaporate inside of packaging. Indeed Gabe Holmes Cardinals Jersey , you need not look any further than the ice cube tray you filled and never used – you’ll discover lesser ice cubes when you know that they were filled to the top. Remember, moisture rises to the top – it finds its way to the surface of your food, freezes and creates ice crystals that damage your food. Just how do you stop this from happening on your prize filets? It’s not as tough as you think – look at the Foodsaver System.

Vacuum sealing your food allows you to store it for lengthier periods of time. The Vacuum sealer is a vacuum system that helps avert air from circulating around your stored food unlike the zip lock bags you are probably using now. Vacuum sealing saves your food for far longer periods of time simply because it does not allow air to enter the packaging. This means that alternatively of having to toss out what would have been a perfectly good filet after being in your icebox only a few months Justin Pugh Cardinals Jersey , you can have that same filet upwards of six months after storage and it will taste as fresh as the day you froze it. No icebox burn, no ice crystals, simply fresh tasting fish.

The Food saver vacuum sealer system calls for special baggies for vacuum sealing. They are offered in a wide variety of sizes or you can purchase the material in rolls. Using the rolls allows you to decide if you want to package individual servings (perfect for single people) or enough for a family meal or larger get-together. Another added reward is the labeling system which allows you to not only mark the contents Josh Bynes Jersey , but also add the date you packaged the item.

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