Topic: Medium Stainless Steel Gas Boiler

Using unique stainless steel technology, trouble-free, long-term use

  Uncomparable experience of Qingdong Nabian for more than 30 years --- using special welding technology of cutting-edge machines

  Stainless Steel Material for Seawater and Groundwater Resistance

  The First 5-200,000 Stainless Steel Series in China

  The First Corrosion Resistant Boiler Series in China

  Strong interior design for ease of use

  Special products for hot water and heating can be selected according to demand.

  Ultra-light, ultra-thin, super-good performance

  Compared with the original boilers, the weight and size are reduced, which is not limited by the installation location and can be installed at will according to the use.

  More than 40 kinds of high-end safety devices, such as self-diagnostic performance, anti-freeze protection, etc.

  Various heating functions can quickly provide clean hot water

  Qingdong Gun Burner for Saving Fuel Cost and Reducing Starting Noise

  Selection of Qingdong Gun Burner with Near Full Combustion

  It not only reduces fuel cost, but also effectively reduces start-up noise and combustion noise.

  Cast iron circular frame, easy to install and transport

  Horizontal bar design is easy to grasp, circular frame design.

Easy to install and transport
Supply Vacuum Pressure Dipping Equipment

  Beryllium Copper Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace

  Brazing Furnace For Automotive Radiators And Heat Exchangers

  Supply Vacuum Vapor Deposition Furnace

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