Topic: Brake pump truck

The air pump is driven by the engine to tighten the air to the high pressure gas and store it in the air reservoir. One of the air reservoirs can be connected to the brake master cylinder via a line. The brake master cylinder is divided into two upper and lower air chambers, the upper air chamber controls the rear wheel, and the lower air chamber controls the front wheel. When the driver steps on the brake pedal, the upper air is first opened, the high pressure gas of the air reservoir is transmitted to the relay valve, and the control piston of the relay valve is pushed out. At this time, the gas of the other gas cylinder can pass through the relay valve and two The rear brake cylinder is turned on. The push rod of the brake cylinder is pushed forward, and the cam is rotated by an angle by adjusting the back. The cam is eccentric, and the brake shoe is opened and the brake drum is frictioned to reach the brake effect.

  When the upper chamber of the brake master cylinder is opened, the lower chamber is also opened, the high pressure gas enters the quick release valve, and then is distributed to the brake cylinders of the two front wheels. The same is true of the rear wheels.

  When the driver releases the brake pedal, the upper and lower air chambers are closed, and the quick-in valve of the front wheel and the piston of the relay valve of the rear wheel are returned by the action of the spring. The front and rear brake cylinders are connected to the air chamber of the air chamber, the push rod is returned, and the brake ends.

  Generally, the rear wheels are braked first, and the front wheels are later, which is beneficial to the driver to control the direction.

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