The LG VI5225 is the latest in the LG line of clamshell style phones. The clamshell design has proven very successful. It provides comfort as well as looks stylish. The rounded edges and corners make extensive handling much easier on your hand than with the sleek Hydro Flask Hydration Standard Mouth UK Sale , thin, RAZR type of phones. You can make or except those calls and not have to worry about causing extensive injuries to your hands. The clamshell design means that the phone can be folded down into a nice compact size making storage in most cases quick and easy. The size also allows for quick retrieval of the phone if necessary.

The physical characteristics of the phone are what one would expect from a phone of this size. It has an internal antennae, a 2.5 mm headset jack and weight in at a mere 99 grams. This helps make pocket storage easy and comfortable as well. The talk time is a bit less than other LG clamshell style phones. It only offers 2.5 hours. The same holds true for the standby time being about 8 days. The phone is powered with a lithium ion battery that comes with the phone already installed.

This phone does answer many of the complaint of previous clamshell phones that is it has a second display. Many of LG’s loyal users noted that in some of the previous flip phones Hydro Flask 40 OZ Wide Mouth UK Sale , there was no second display. This meant that the user had to open the phone completely to access caller ID. Many did not like this because it was inconvenient as well as posed security issues. The VI5225 does come equipped with a second display that boasts over 4000 colors. It is located conveniently at the front of the phone making it easy to locate.

The general specifications on the phone are similar to LG’s other clamshell or flip phones. It has an alarm, a calculator and a calendar. It has a polyphonic ringer and has custom ring tones available. There is also a nice selection of games and multiple numbers per person.

Those that have difficulty hearing will be pleased to know this phone is equipped with the TTYTDD technology. This enables for all of the data to be read digitally. This means even those with profound hearing loss can reap the benefits of having a cell phone.

Those that ravel extensively will be pleased to hear that the phone has the GPS satellite navigation installed. This allows you to pinpoint your desired location and receive step by step instructions on how to get there. This is perfect for those journeys into unfamiliar territory where you need to find that building or office that you have never been too.

For those that love to text, the predictive text entry is a nice feature to have. The phone can recognize most of the letter combinations in the English language. This comes in very useful when your texting in a hurry but still need to conscious of correct spellings and words. The phone will do that for you and correct errors. It is also equipped with a dictionary of over 35 Hydro Flask 32 OZ Wide Mouth UK Sale ,000 words making it as language proficient as you are. The keys are quite soft and easy to press and there are side keys to help you navigate your way through the phone options.

The LG VI5225 is capable of wireless Internet connection. It also supports Java allowing you to expand and download additional games. There is also vibrate alert installed on this phone and has the BREW Support.

This phone does offer quite a lot. It is a bit simpler that the other of the LG’s clamshell phones but the quality of the features is still quite good. Users do cite some good and bad points with the phone. Among the more positive are the design and the weight. The storage is nice and the phone is very easy to se. Many users like the selection of games and the fact that it supports Java, allowing for expansion. The wireless Internet capabilities are also a big mark in the plus column.

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Business > Small BusinessHire motivational business speaker to motivate your employees

Posted by christianchua in Business on June 17th, 2014

Keeping the employees motivated all time in any organization is a very difficult task. There are so many external and internal problems that can keep them disheartened at the working space. It could be anything like personal issues Hydro Flask 12 OZ Kids Wide Mouth UK Sale , conflicts, work pressure, stress and much more. These problems can not only affect the employees Hydro Flask 18 OZ Wide Mouth UK Sale , but also provide a great impact on business productivity. This is where you need the help of business motivational speaker. The motivational business speakers have extensive experience in what they do. This will enable them to easily understand the problems of the employees and deliver speeches that will motivate the listens, open their minds and hearts and establishing a new goal.

There are several motivational speakers in Singapore that offers workshops and seminars to small businesses and large corporations. You need to do detailed research about the experience, expertise Hydro Flask 64 OZ Wide Mouth UK Sale , services and client base of several speakers in order to get expert guidance. By doing a little homework over the internet, you can easily find a speaker that is renowned for offering interesting, educational and inspirational workshop.

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