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1) The aeration tank operates according to the traditional activated sludge method and the stage aeration method, and the reflux ratio is generally controlled at about 50%. If it operates according to the adsorption regeneration method, the reflux ratio can be controlled in the range of 50%-100%. When the aeration tank is operated by MO method, its reflux ratio needs to be 100%-200%, even with internal reflux. In addition, the change of the inflow load of the aeration tank needs to adjust and control a certain sludge concentration, so the number of reflux pumps or the opening degree of sludge gate valve in the aeration tank should be decided according to the need.

  2) The debris in the sludge collecting tank of the reflux pump house is not removed in time. If it is lifted with the reflux sludge, the blade of the reflux pump will probably be stuck, the reflux flow will be reduced, and the impeller will be worn out, even the equipment will be damaged.

  3) No matter which type of pump is used to lift the backflow sludge, it should not be started frequently, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to motor, pump body and transmission mechanism.

  4) Because the pump body starts with activated sludge and rotates inversely, the start-up load will increase at this time, which will easily cause the deformation of the pump shaft, and even damage other connections and foundations.

  5) When screw pump is out of service for a long time, the performance of each part should be checked regularly, and problems should be found and repaired in time so as to keep it in good standby condition. In addition, the position of the pump body is changed at least once a month to avoid the deformation of the pump shaft caused by the self-weight of the pump decoration.

6) If the mechanical efficiency of the reflux pump is too low, the flow rate will be reduced [2].
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