Topic: Infusion pump range

Infusion pump range

  1. Patients with a wide range of surgery and long time, such as radical surgery for cancer, combined surgery of head, neck, chest and abdomen.

  2. An operation patient who has a chest, an open abdomen, and a long incision. These patients often need to stay in the chest drainage tube, stomach tube, also increase their pain. in case

Reluctance to turn over and cough because of pain is likely to increase the incidence of lung infections.
3. Patients with urology prostate resection. The use of postoperative analgesia pumps also helps to relieve prostate cramps and reduce bleeding.

  4. Orthopedic surgery patients.

  5. Partial laparoscopic surgery patients.

  6. Patients with a history of hypertension or coronary heart disease.

  7. Sensitive female patients. Older patients and children are less responsive to pain, while young women tend to be the opposite.

  8. Patients with strong requirements.
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