Topic: method of making panel

The first step in the panel is the design stage. The design of the letters is done by the Curl or AutoCAD software, and all the characterization of the letters, such as font, thickness, size is determined, and the final design on the plexiglass, which is a transparent plastic like glass In different colors, the laser will be.

Color Picker:
This stage is of great importance because it is a color that gives a beautiful effect, and if the combination of colors is chosen properly, it will be more attractive and the more attractive the board will be, the more attractive it will be to the customer.

After preparing the design, the laser cutting system automatically scrambles the letters in a plastic sheet and after cutting it with a laser cutting system, the letterbox is placed on a desk that is hole-grid It is placed on the iron table with special magnets in the form of a cylinder.

Tools needed to build and embed letters:
Iron Scissors: This scissor is used to cut letters.

Meter Meter: Meter is used to measure letters and edges.

Foil Razor: This tool bends flat edges and creates grooves in angular areas.

Cylinder: With a cylinder, arches can be arranged.

Sohan: Used to clean the edges of work.

After preparing the chlinnium letters, it is time to construct these letters. For the construction of composite sheets or PVC, these sheets are very resistant and do not change the state of the water and the sun's rays, cold and heat.

Once the letters are placed on the sheet, it turns to light inside it, which is done in both LED and SMD.

The LED bulbs came into the market at the beginning of the supply, but due to problems such as the creation of luminous points in plexiglas and the penetration of water into bluetooth LEDs, they did not have the problem of branch LEDs, but they still did not meet customer satisfaction. To fully attract.

That's why the country has been re-launching a new initiative and producing a new LED called SMD. These LEDs are extremely efficient and have high light and water resistant, and are of great quality and have a long and useful life. have .

How to make chelnium board:
On the chellenium, all the bending steps, the arc and the groove on the edge of the chellenium are done by the computer.

But because it is designed and implemented by European countries and all fonts are in Latin and do not support Farsi language, it often causes problems, but if this device is not available, all the work is done by a technician It runs manually.

After finishing the lighting work, the panel is ready to be installed. For installation, a plot is assembled in accordance with the design drawn up at the beginning, and then the sheet is placed on the plate and all the lighting wiring in Behind the work.

Then the lighting of the lamps is checked and when the exposure is assured, the letters are placed on the sheet and the work of the assembly and installation of the panel is completed.

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