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ATHENS Black Ethan Pocic Jersey , Aug. 22 (Xinhua) -- A boat carrying a yet unspecified number of undocumented migrants sank off the coasts of Tilos island in the Aegean Sea on Friday, causing the death of at least one passenger, Greek authorities said.

According to preliminary information from the Coast Guard, the tragedy occurred when the dinghy for still unclear reasons caught fire as it was sailing in international waters off the Greek island.

The dead body of a person was collected, while a rescue operation is underway to trace an unidentified number of missing people.

According to the Greek Coast Guard, a Turkish military vessel which also rushed to the area along Greek vessels and a Greek Coast Guard helicopter, rescued an unknown number of migrants.

Over the past two days, according to official data, Greek Coast Guard rescued and detained approximately 180 undocumented migrants across the Aegean Sea, as they were trying to enter Greece from Turkey.

Thousands of migrants try to enter illegally the European Union via Greece on an annual basis in recent years and hundreds perish in the sea. Greek Coast Guard has saved more than 2,500 people in the past two years.

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The amazing point I’ve observed at GameCoaches is the fact that the plays that are taught are certainly not just some throw together plays that truly do not have any affect on the field but are plays we have utilised when I was in College. They’re plays which are taught to you inside a standard form and simplified so even the starting coaches can use and create on once they get to point of moving on to the up coming level. As well as the players is going to be able to quickly construct skill with and not just plays that happen to be taught.

As an example, most players are taught that a quarterback keep having a sweep pass roll out ought to be run with two with the backs going towards the suitable side of the field while the quarterback along with the 3rd offensive back visit the ideal using the back blocking for the quarterback since he could be the 1 that keeps the ball.

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