back to have her balloon removed but her weight is the same as it was three months ago Sophie's lost two and a half kilos five pounds and now faces surgeon Kemal maja wa I wouldn't hide the fact that the weight loss review Blum has been rather disappointing our eat breakfast and I never used to I'm not slacking as much as I used to before what was the last nor time is any obviously I'm just her own but at home work on a night I sit Testo drive 365
down and I go through mind asking why   first month weight loss was due to her being excessively sick with it with the balloon and not just tolerating the balloon you don't have to work with the balloon in the first month balloon will do it for you when balloon is settled down within your body then you have to use it as a tool but clearly that that didn't happen with her that's the balloon more or less totally empty she's not ready she's just not ready there's an age problem I think the younger ones are looking for us to do an operation now make them lose weight without

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