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When Mark Cuban was asked for a reason why he drafted N.C. State guard Dennis Smith on Thursday his answer was pretty straight forward. "The most impressive interview we had was when we talked to Dennis in person," he said. "We were shocked when he fell to 9. We think we got the steal of the draft." 2K MT And after hearing Smith's press conference Friday afternoon it's easy to see how he could have won over Cuban just by talking to him.The young man is honest, demonstrative, and outspoken. He's one of the most engaging interviews of any of the draft prospects of 2017 and he even has the guts to throw a little bit of shade at the LeBron James in front of the cameras. When asked who he rooted for in the 2011 NBA Finals by the Dallas media, Smith told them exactly what he was thinking.

Lifelong Knicks fan Stephen A. Smith couldn't contain his composure when Phil Jackson and the Knicks reportedly put Kristaps Porzingis on the trading block before Thursday's NBA Draft, leading him to rant on MMOgo's "First Take" about Jackson's questionable choices since joining the team. Smith used Jackson's 2014 signing of Lamar Odom, who has struggled with drug addiction, as an example of Jackson's ineptitude as team president. "His very first move as executive was to sign Lamar Odom ... WHO WAS ON CRACK!" Smith screamed to laughter from his co-hosts. "I love Lamar Odom the person, and God bless him and we’re wishing nothing but the best — but metaphorically speaking, his first move as the executive of the New York Knicks was to sign Lamar Odom, who was on crack!"

Smith said in a statement (via Deadspin) on Friday night that buy NBA 2K MT Odom was not the target of his ire and that his rant was "directed at the unmitigated disaster that Phil Jackson has created since he’s arrived in New York.""My comments were not to put any more focus on Lamar Odom’s much publicized drug use and addiction," Smith's statement read. "He was not the target of my ire. The sole focus of my comments were directed at the unmitigated disaster that Phil Jackson has created since he’s arrived in New York.

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