A Factual History Of The A4 Paper Size A Factual History Of The A4 Paper Size June 5 coach chelsea leather tote , 2012 | Author: Dave Shuttle | Posted in Business
The A4 paper size is a standard which exists as part of the international standard, also called ISO. Three different series of sheet sizes are included in the ISO convention, named as A, B and C. There are logical benefits that derive from the properties of this unique ratio used for desktop publishing and business correspondence. For printing or mailing purposes, the weight of quantities of sheets is easier to calculate using this system.

In the past, no standard sizes existed for sheets used for printing such things as letters, catalogs, magazines or posters. Different ideas about the size, and especially proportion of sheets go back to at least as far as Gutenberg. An eighteenth century German scientist named Lichtenberg first proposed the size that the A4 standard is based upon, and it came into use there in the early twentieth century.

Once begun in Germany, the standard spread quickly to other countries over the next fifty years. The ISO conferred international status on this system in the mid 1970s. In North America coach edie leather shoulder bag , the US and Canada still use the letter size, based on inches. Mexico, the Philippines and some South American countries have adopted the ISO system, yet the letter format is still in common use.

The name given to this standard, based on the metric system, is ISO 216. The basis for the standard is the sheets aspect ratio, or proportion, which is based on the square root of 2. This is a ratio that can be expressed as 1:1.4142. The base size of paper is called AO, which equals one square meter and has the dimensions 841 by 1,189 millimeters.

The ISO 216 standard includes a second series called B, and the related series known as ISO 269 is comprised of the C series coach chelsea leather shoulder bag , usually used as envelopes. The relationship between the different series is a geometric progression. This progression is a consistent increase of the side lengths by a factor of 2 18. This produces sheets whose areas are geometric means of one another. So the area of a C0 is between an A0 and a B0, and a B1 format is between an A0 and an A1.

The unique quality of this square root of 2 proportion is that, when folded parallel to the short side into halves, the same shape is reproduced. Letter format sheets do not result in the same proportion when folded in a similar manner. When copying or scaling documents, for instance, two facing pages of a book or correspondence, the benefit of this shape is obvious, as they reduce to an exact fit.

Those who practice the paper folding art of origami also prefer this format, which they call A4, or silver rectangles. The latter refers to the silver ratio, which is a term for the 1 to 1.412 relationship. It is appropriate for this craft since the paper always folds equally.

Finally coach madison shoulder bag black , the A0 format, and its smaller derivatives, including A4 paper size, are especially convenient for measurement of quantities of sheets. The weight of the square meter of A0 paper can be determined, so the smaller sizes weight is easily calculated as a fraction of that figure. As multiples of ten, the math is rather simple, and mass can also be determined this way.

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