Honeymoon in Mauritius will rejuvenate and raise your soul. Set in its turquoise sea D.J. Augustin Jersey , Mauritius is an oasis of peace and tranquility.Beaches, coral reefs, crystal blue waters Oklahoma City Hat , rich marine life along with lot of water sports adventure options are the key attractions of Mauritius. Mauritius honeymoon will provide many adventure options and access to serene locations within the country.

There are certain eye catchers in Mauritius like its cosmopolitan culture. Mix of culture influences are obvious in Mauritius - English, French, Creole Oklahoma City Hoodie , African, Indian and Asian are all visibly prevalent. This is the reason Mauritius is referred to as "the most cosmopolitan island". This also means that a person from any part of the world would not find himself or herself a complete stranger in Mauritius.

White Beaches :
Pristine white beaches are most prized asset of Mauritius. A stint on the white sand of these beaches can be very refreshing for a couple who is for honeymoon in Mauritius. Many resorts are there to serve the visitors with all kinds of possible ammenities. Watching sun set in a Mauritius beach is a once in a lifetime experience. Traditional Sega dancing events are regularly organised on the beaches. One can also indulge in all kinds of water sports.

Blue Safari
Blue Safari is tourist submarine which takes you to a nice trip under the sea. The submarine is air-conditioned and equipped with fully transparent-glassed cabin at atmospheric pressure. One can enjoy clear and transparent view of the extraordinary underwater world and marine life. Combination of fish life and coral can be seen and is very unique.

One has the option of paragliding above Le Domaine du Chasseur, on the south-east of the island and if lucky one can spot rare bird species there.

Mauritius is the best place to introduce yourself or improve on your skills in deep sea fishing. Regular visitors throng to this island just to indulge in deep sea fishing . On open seas Oklahoma City T-Shirts , depending on the seasons one could fish for marlin, swordfish, tuna or even bonito or barracuda.

Diving in the waters of Mauritius coast offers an thrilling and once in a lifetime experience. Under the supervision of experienced professionals Customized Oklahoma City Thunder Jerseys , one can indulge into underwater diving surrounded by coral lagoons, fish and thousands of colourful shellfish. Diving is usually included into the activity of all major hotels. The sea surrounding the island has more than a thousand species of fish.

One can travel to the market in Port-Louis (Le Bazar central de Port-Louis) for tablecloths, fabrics Cheap Oklahoma City Thunder Jerseys , basketwork as well as different varieties of spices. Port Louis also hosts several Indian and Chinese 'boutiques' displaying a large variety of household articles for sale. T-shirt shopping is a must, nowhere else will one find such a huge variety of reasonably priced export-quality T-shirts.
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Zaheerul Hasan Writes about Mauritius tours that offers Mauritius tour packages,honeymoon packages to Mauritius provides you with a unique chance to explore the beautiful island of Mauritius situated in the Indian Ocean.

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