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Biology is an interesting subject that teaches us about the life processes Wholesale Andy Levitre Jersey , the respiratory and other organs, the concept of how our heart works; how our activities relates to our brain and much more. It is often more exciting learning about the non-living elements on earth. The theories about the plants, the tree, the worms and other organisms that survive on this planet. To understand these concepts in a better way Wholesale Brooks Reed Jersey , the students can refer to the NCERT solutions for Class 12 Biology available online.
The various sections that have been covered in the Biology CBSE NCERT Class 12 textbook are enlisted herein:
Unit 1: Life Processes
o Breathing and Exchange of Gases
Unit 2: How do Organisms Reproduce
o Process of Reproduction of Organisms
Unit 3: Control and Coordination
o Nervous Systems
o Coordination in Plants
Unit 4: Heredity and Evolution
o Concept of Heredity and Evolution
Though, all the above mentioned categories and their sub-categories are an amazingly interesting area of Biology, but they tend to be quite complicated for some of the students. The subject constitutes a combination of:
? Theory; and
? Practical
Understanding Evaluation Criteria
The Marking Scheme for the Theory Section is assigned to different units as demonstrated below:
Unit 1 Reproduction 14 Marks
Unit 2 Genetics and Evolution 18 Marks
Unit 3 Biology and Human Welfare 14 Marks
Unit 4 Biotechnology and its Applications 10 Marks
Unit 5 Ecology and Environment 14 Marks
The total marks assigned for Theoretical Examination are 70.
Modes of Preparation for Biology Board Examination
To make the Biology exam easier, the students can practice the previous year’s test papers Wholesale Jake Matthews Jersey , revision paper; and can prepare through notes and assignments available online on an e-learning portal. The test papers help triggering the performance of the students and consecutively, they would be able to perform well in the Board examinations. It also helps develop awareness about the marking and grading schemes that is being used for evaluating the answers while checking the answer papers.
The students are enabled to get the glimpse of the final examination paper as well as get to know the overall pattern. The online test papers are designed similar to the pattern decided by the Central Board of Secondary Education. This helps students deciding the sequence in which the questions could be answered while attempting the actual paper.
Distribution of Marks among Variety of Questions
The questions are divided into different sections based on lower as well as higher marks. The marks are assigned as per the level of complexity of the questions. The marking and evaluation of questions are mentioned herein:
Very Short Answers 08 questions 1 mark each Total 08 marks
Short Answers II 10 questions 2 marks each Total 20 marks
Short Answers I 09 questions 3 marks each Total 27 marks
Long Answers 03 questions 5 marks each Total 15 marks
Now, when the marking scheme and the pattern of the question paper are thoroughly discussed, students can utilize the online NCERT solutions for Class 12 Biology for polishing their skills. These solutions are available on the online portal for free of cost.
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