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The penultimate day of The Summit 6 was all about elimination matches, with only lower bracket games to play. Only one Dota 2 team would be able to make the top three after a day of regional rivalries and a rematch of The International 6 grand finals.To kick off the day, Evil Geniuses and Team NP matched up for the first time since the latter eliminated the former from the Northern Arena BEAT Invitational on Nov. 10. EG came into game one seemingly with a grudge, as an Outworld Devourer pick for Sumail Suma1L Hassan created serious problems for Team NP. At just 19 minutes in and a 14-3 kill differential, Team NP called Good Game and conceded game one to EG.Game two was not as quick an affair, with Kurtis Aui_2000 Ling carrying the weight for Team NP on Juggernaut. Team NP broke EGs high ground early and put on the pressure, but EG found some key moments to push back and inflict damage on NPs base as well with Artour Arteezy Babaevs Morphling. In a critical last teamfight, Hassan shone again on OD with a massive ultimate, grabbing three kills in two seconds, opening enough of a window for EG to take the enemys Ancient and the series, 2-0.The second series of the day was a rematch of the TI6 grand finals. Digital Chaos and Wings Gaming, both one best-of-three from elimination, were ready to have it out one more time before the Boston Major in Dec. In keeping with the spirit of the first series, game one was a 22-minute rout of DC by Wings, who used an aggressive combo of Zhou bLink Yang on Mirana and Zhang Faith_bian Ruida on Night Stalker; they grabbed a combined 12 kills before closing it out.Digital Chaos kept better pace with Wings in game two, in an hour-long match that swung back and forth several times. Aliwi w33 Omars Ursa created big problems for Wings, whose magic damage-oriented lineup struggled to deal with the quick Black King Bar purchases on DC. Those BKB durations trickle down with use, however, and soon Zhou and Zhang were finding easy kills once the short-lived magic immunity was baited out. A series of unfortunate misplays on DCs part piled up, and when the final push came, Wings couldnt be held back and took the series 2-0.Wings Gaming wouldnt have long to recuperate after that hour-long match, as it would be facing Evil Geniuses in the final series of the day to determine who would move on to the lower bracket finals to play OG. Game one was, again, a quick 24-minute match, with an odd Treant Protector pick for Li iceice Peng completely shutting down the Venomancer jungler for Evil Geniuses. Every lane for EG seemed countered from the outset, and with a 15,000 net worth advantage for Wings at 22 minutes in, EG called the game and prepared for the next.Whereas game ones drafting phase seemed to spell a loss for EG, Wings Gaming had trouble executing its overall strategy in the second game. Babaev found endless space to farm and kill on Anti-Mage, and W?hlbergs Venomancer, which had been picked to varying results throughout the day, had 80 percent kill participation on the poisonous support. A farming Faceless Void for Chu shadow Zeyu and Lis support Naga failed to control EGs aggression, and Wings fell at 33 minutes in, sending the series to game three.Babaevs Morphling made a return in game three, where an Ethereal Blade and Silver Edge combination created a lot of problems for Wings lineup. The early lead was in EGs favor, though the team struggled to take Wings Gamings high ground thanks to Zhous Sniper. Wings could never surmount the deficit of the lane phase though, and Evil Geniuses left little room for Wings Gaming to capitalize and secure a solid footing for a comeback. At 43 minutes in, Wings called Good Game, and Evil Geniuses secured a spot in The Summit 6s top three in a 2-1 victory.Tomorrow, EG will face OG in the losers bracket finals. The winner will then face in the grand finals. Gary Neal Timberwolves Jersey . In the lead up - which seemed to begin the moment Mike Geiger blew the whistle in Houston last Thursday night - the Impact rumour mill went into overdrive. The speculation went into meltdown mode, of the golden nugget variety. Andrew Wiggins Jersey . Vokoun departed practice on Saturday morning after discovering swelling in his thigh. He was taken to a local hospital where the clot was revealed. The club announced the surgery following a 5-3 exhibition loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets. … ll-jersey/ . But now that hes in the NHL, the Calgary Flames centre showed big improvement in that department by scoring the winner in the eighth round of a 5-4 shootout victory over the Winnipeg Jets on Monday. Zach LaVine Jersey . The defence is doing its part, too. Drew Brees threw a pair of touchdown passes in the first half and the guys on the other side made sure that was enough, sending the Saints to a 17-13 victory over the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday night. Nikola Pekovic Timberwolves Jersey . "Thank you for the warm welcome," Beckham said on an 80-degree February morning. In this case, it was soccer weather. The sport moved a step closer to returning to South Florida on Wednesday, when Beckham confirmed he has exercised his option to purchase a Major League Soccer expansion franchise in Miami. In recent years, top esports teams such as Cloud9, Team SoloMid, and Counter Logic Gaming have added Smash players to their lineup. With concurrent viewership numbers like 200,000 at Evo for Super Smash Bros. Melee, this should come as no surprise; the appeal to an extremely loyal fanbase makes signing a Smash player a good investment.But which Smash player should a big team choose? Many wonder why certain higher skilled players remain free agents while some teams have picked up players that are generally lower in rankings. Here are a few of the traits that teams look for in Smash players.Top placing: teams such as Cloud9 want to build a brand out of winning, so a player like Joseph Mango Marquez or Elliot Ally Bastien Carroza-Oyarce is high priority to them because of their ability to win major events. The second tier of players includes the ones that frequently place in the top eight. Any player that finishes outside of top eight will likely have minimal stream time, so the difference between players that finish ninth and 25th is negligible. Social reach: if a player does not have a storied history of top eight placings, then their primary value comes from their effectiveness at getting the word out on media such as Twitter, Youtube. and Twitch. Players with popular streams such as Hugo HugS Gonzalez bring in much more publicity than a stronger player with no social media presence. Social media behavior: teams have glossed over certain players as a result of checking their Twitter. Although players are much more aware of their public branding these days, certain players still have issues with questionable language, negativity, and a lack of professionalism.Location: the European and Asian markets are behind North America in viewership and player base, which make it difficult for NA teams to justify funding the greater travel costs and work visas for international players. Still, there are many phenomenal international players that may be worth the investment, given their strong results at larger events. The top five free agentsGiven the criteria above, here are some of the top free agents that teams should look into signing for Smash 4 and Melee.1. Samuel Dabuz Buzby (Smash 4)After leaving Dream Team, Dabuz is now the most valuable free agent. Currently, he is third on the annual Panda Global Rankings and places well at every major event, finishing in the top eight at nearly every tournament. Furthermore, he has won several major events such as WTFFox 2 and Apex 2016.dddddddddddd He has a very iconic persona, known for his distinct beard and laptop that he consults between matches. By far, he should be at the top of every teams scouting reports.2. Ramin Mr. R Delshad (Smash 4)People tend to forget about Mr. R because he performs at a high level all of the time. As the fourth highest rated player on the Panda Global Rankings, Mr. R travels the most out of any top player and almost always finishes in the top eight. His work ethic and demeanor are professional in every way possible. He is from the Netherlands and does need more support than a North American player, but he is one of the most committed players in the scene and worthy of investment.3. Jason ANTi Bates (Smash 4)Similar to Dabuz, ANTi also recently left Dream Team to enter free agency. ANTis results are less consistent than the first two listed players, but he boasts a strong win at CEO 2016. ANTis persona is very charismatic as seen with his dynamic entrance into the CEO 2016 wresting ring prior to top eight. He is also incredibly active on social media with an impressive Twitter presence that reaches to a massive audience. A team will get tremendous value out of ANTis performances and social media presence. 4. James Swedish Delight Liu (Melee)Swedish Delight makes the list as the sole Melee representative. He started the year at #31 on the 2015 SSBMRank but has become a top 10 threat. He is by far the best Melee player without a team. The only drawback is his low social media presence, which can be greatly improved with some proper mentoring. In recent months, he has finished ninth or better at majors, including an impressive second place at Smash N Splash 2 where he defeated Jason Mew2King Zimmerman.5. Yuta Abadango Kawamura (Smash 4)Currently fifth on the Panda Global Rankings, Abadango has performed incredibly well at recent US events, including an impressive first place at Pound 2016, fourth place at CEO 2016 and fifth place at Evo 2016. Similar to Mr. R, Abadango travels frequently to attend majors and performs consistently well. He also benefits from playing uncommon characters such as Mewtwo and Pac-Man, garnering interest as a fan favorite. Although he lives in Japan, this could work to a teams advantage; there could be great publicity in being the first to fully support a Japanese Smash 4 player. 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