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Topic: Adidas Originals Superstar Junior Grey Suede


The Adidas Superstar Boost Black And White is a basketball low-top shoe/sneaker manufactured by athletic goods company Adidas since 1969. The Superstar shoe was originally released as a low-top version of the Pro Model volleyball shoe.[1] Nicknamed the "clamtoe", "shelltoe", "shell shoes", and "shell tops" "sea shells" (along with Adicolours) their iconic design is known as one of the major influences in the sneaker culture.


The Adidas Superstar Pink Purple is a low-top basketball shoe that released in 1969. It features a rubber shell toe with a mix of leather and a herring-bone patterned outsole. The shoe was made famous by basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Queens hip-hop group Run DMC. Throughout the years, several different designs, colorways, and collaborations later followed. It is currently one of the most popular shoes to date.

What is black and white and worn all over? The Adidas Originals Superstar Junior Grey Suede, of course. With its iconic three-stripe design, these sneakers are today’s hottest trend. Worn by athletes and supermodels alike, the Adidas Superstar shoes have seen a rapid increase in popularity over the past few years.

Adidas Superstar Gold Stripe Womens is following up its star-studded spot for its Originals line, which challenges what it means to be a superstar, with a short film that presents the next wave of creators to the world.


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