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TAIYUAN, Nov. 6 (Xinhua) -- Zhu Xiangbo carries the baby in his arms, touching her head gently with one hand, as he uses the other to put a feeding bottle to her mouth. The little cutie looks up at him, pursing her lips slightly.

"She is fawning, requesting a kiss," Zhu says, also smiling.

Zhu's baby is a chimpanzee.

At Taiyuan Zoo in north China's Shanxi Province, Zhu, 30, and his three male colleagues are playing mom to a female chimp deserted by her mother soon after she was born in May.

The chimp is yet to be named. "Local media have suggested soliciting a name from the public," Zhu says.

As the chimp turned six-months-old on Wednesday, they were delighted to find she had reached four kilograms.

"It's four times the weight she was born at," Zhu says.

It was mother's first baby and after the delivery the mother, Laoqi, refused to even touch the baby.

"We tried several times to have Laoqi accept the baby, but failed," says another keeper Zhao Jing, 40, so the keepers have become the chimp's "mannies."

To raise the chimp, they searched the Internet and learned from scratch.

The most important task is to feed her. They took turns to feed her every three hours at the beginning, including disinfecting milk bottles, mixing the milk powder, feeding and burping her.

"We had to be cautious about the water temperature. She would be scalded if it was too hot, and suffer from diarrhea if it was too cold," Zhu said. "Sometimes it took more than 40 minutes to feed her as she often did not cooperate."

"Although we are all fathers ourselves, we never took care of our own children so meticulously," he says. "She is now able to crawl, and is practising with her limbs in the cage. Soon she will be able to walk."

Apart from 12 hours' sleep, she spends most of her time playing alone. To keep her company, the mannies got her a toy bear. "She likes it very much, and often kisses it," Zhu says.

Over the past months, the mannies have grown very familiar with the chimp, figuring out her needs based on her different cries, chuckles and gestures. And she likes them.

"Hearing our footsteps, she gets excited," he said.

The fertility rate for chimpanzees is not high in China and the babysitters have not given up trying to form a bond between the chimp and her birth mother.

"We are trying to establish their eye contact first and then physical contact," Zhu says. "We hope to return her to her family when she can fit in."

HONG KONG Scarpe Nike Air Max 95 Uomo Bianche Italia , April 14 (Xinhua) -- A funeral with full honors was held Friday for the late principal fireman Yau Siu-ming, who died last month after falling from a cliff in a rescue mission in China's Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).

Yau slipped and fell during an all-night search and rescue operation for two hikers who had been trapped in Ma On Shan Country Park, according to local media.

The principal fireman was carried down in a coma Scarpe Nike Air Max 95 Bianche Italia , and later died of head injuries.

Friday's funeral was held at Universal Funeral Parlor, and the hearse made a special stop at Tin Sum Fire Station, where Yau last served Scarpe Nike Air Max Flair Uomo Rosse Nere Italia , before heading to the Gallant Garden, a cemetery mostly for civil servants who lost their lives on duty. A memorial service was also held on the day.

Hong Kong resident Huang told Xinhua, in tears Scarpe Nike Air Max Flair Bianche Italia , that she arrived at the Universal Funeral Parlor early in the day to wait and salute Yau for the last time.

Another female resident Lao, holding a bouquet of purple flowers, said Yau is "very brave and respectable Scarpe Supreme x Nike Air Max 98 Uomo Nere Italia ," while Mo, a male resident, stood there for a long time Nike Air Max 97 Ultra '17 Uomo Bianche Italia , saying he must send his final respect to the hero.

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