Topic: Best Price to Buy Adidas Pure BOOST All White

Although NMD R2 evolved back with a new attitude, adidas Originals still maintains an emphasis on the R1 version. This time, the sneakers group Yeezy Mafia took the lead in exposing the new Adidas NMD R1 STLT series! The new NMD R1 released a total of five color schemes, while maintaining the original shoe profile, the new woven texture was used to make the upper, and the iconic three-line Cage logo on the shoe side was cancelled. Signature midsole stability block design and full palm Boost technology is still blessed in the midsole, both the vitality index and the explosive foot feel are guaranteed!

Climacool's breeze concept has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the full-bodied Boost's lame feeling is even more memorable. The combination of these two great adidas core technologies must have been long-awaited! The recently launched Pure Boost Climacool not only continues the ultra-high cost performance of the Adidas Pure BOOST All White, but also brings a new look to the design, while the breeze system's blessing makes it an unrivalled summer competitive! This time, I finally hoped that the perfect combination of Climacool and the whole palm Boost, all-round breathable design, to achieve the best cushioning solution for summer dry and soft bomb! The whole palm Boost midsole created by the Climacool concept is the first time to discharge the heat of the shoe cavity through the multiple vents of the sole, while also clearly seeing the air flowing in from the sole, always keeping double during running or walking. The feet are dry. The full-bodied Boost is thick enough, and the cushioning feel of the soft magazine is also guaranteed. The following animation can visually feel the rebound performance as much as Ultra Boost. At the same time, the traditional insole design is eliminated, and the midsole is covered with a nylon mesh to further improve the heat dissipation efficiency.

On the other hand, it reduces the barrier between the feet and Boost, creating a more direct cushioning experience. The new round Knit woven upper is also a big surprise. Compared with the familiar Primeknit, it lacks the fluffy feel, is lighter and more breathable, and the comfort of summer wear is also significantly improved. After talking about the feeling of the foot, let’s talk about the value of the face. Compared to the previous generation of Pure Boost, this design can be described as earth-shaking. The simple and bright body line, borrowed from the Adidas Yeezy 350 Boost V2 Static fast lacing system, combined with the personality of the folding tongue, and finally with the dynamic three-line embellishment, enriching the visual level, but also injecting the full-featured trend of temperament. The stability module on the heel is presented in a new style, creating an avant-garde sci-fi performance with a full-bodied taste. Whether it's daily jogging or casual outing, the superb head-turning rate brought by the outstanding performance can be foreseen! The simple and stylish shoes bring great compatibility for everyday wear. The following small series showcases the versatility of the Pure Boost Clima through 4 different costumes. Drawing on the details of Yeezy Boost to make it more trendy, the full-boost Boost midsole ensures the soft-feeling feel while bringing in the infusion of the adidas signature breathable technology Climacool, whether it's the performance of the upper foot or the cool The soft bullet feels can't be ignored!

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