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what can be done about each these problems in order to make things even slightly better? These are the tips I can think off the top of my mind: Educate the GMs which are running our servers concerning the game. Teach them how the game works, make them make their own character in order that they get a sense of the game and the way it works. Educate them about rankings, about Dojo and Tower of Oz so they understand exactly what looks suspicious and what seems ordinary.

Provide GMs with better, updated tools to allow them to do their job better. To offset auto-CC, create it so they're in a position to enter maps COMPLETELY unnoticed, not just invisible (many auto-CC can read the variable that counts the amount of players on a map therefore invisibility does not operate on them). Permit them tolocate anybody, regardless of offline or online mode. Or even better, REMOVE OFFLINE MODE ENTIRELY so people can't hide behind them.

Change the rules for gamers that are prohibited from the older system to something which will work in the modern version of the sport. Hackers do not care about rankings, they have. If a participant is prohibited, they shouldn't be removed from the ranks - performing so makes it simpler for them to go undetected from everybody. Instead, the next opportunity rule ought to be such: initial ban is removal from rankings prior to the character is allowed to be logged again (3 day, 7 day, X day ban = off positions for the duration of the ban, is put back to the positions after unbanned), and following two bans, it's a permanent removal from the game. For players who have already been banned double for hacking, their account could be banned permanently to guarantee they do not gain from this rule change. If they've hacked twice before, 9.9 times out of 10, they are hacking . It's time to crack down on these people once and for all.

The last point is a bit more wishful than others, but the problem still stands - they're getting away with everything since the rules are much too lenient and the current ways of banning Maplestory Mesos players are so obsolete (whispering people???) That something needs to change.The reason it was so notable was because they had been the very first players to strike 250. If someone else hit 250 then, then yeah, I could know where you are coming from, but this was a critical point in the host's development, and that's something which I'd assume people would understand about. Especially people that are supposed to know enough about our server to conduct it.

It is not an issue of 'they did not understand Kraane and Daxi so they do not understand anything about the host', but I have an issue with GMs care of servers without having taken just one glance at the ranks to see precisely what's going on. On the top 100 on Reboot, there's a totally disgusting amount of Kinesis and Blaze Wizard hackers, many of them having been reported via Live Chat and nothing has been done about them. This is readily accessible knowledge and that is what I wanted to state. It was just that conversation which sparked the recognition, it wasn't the only thing that caused me to recognize that they did not reveal much knowledge of this MS2 Mesos game.

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Re: This is readily accessible knowledge

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