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I would like to know specifically where I need to make changes to the JCart to use a MySQL database to pull in data to the cart for choices, from say the 'products' table, and then when items are picked/added, etc., have a button to process for 'Review' of order, then when you click to 'Purchase' button, have those items put back into the database in a new table, called say 'orders' before processing for your payment gateway. This way I can have a set of 'orders' for customers so that when they come back to the cart, they can look at their order by reviewing what they ordered - by pulling it from the database.I am new to JCart so I am not sure where I need to make the changes. I have looked at the other post that offers info on database and all it states is to go to the gateway to use '$cart' variable, and more specifically to use the 'foreach' to loop through the array items.
If I am using a database I need to know how JCart will get all available items from the database, and how to format them so the cart can read them and output them to the page, and then when picked, add them to the 'order' table.

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