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the same sequence frequently which tones-up muscle tissues. The ideas also achieves improved ability by repetitively doing the exact same thing. Forgetting is a natural process in living creatures. Man forgets more because his ideas is diverted to too many topics throughout the day. Intellectual performance can b  enhance mind     e further improved by meditation as it tones up the ideas to stick to one subject and not to get diverted. Very few individuals remember the dreams on the next day. The only basis for this is the moment you get up, you see the watch, then think of the research, then think of the bank balance, then the drugs to be consumed on empty stomach and so on. There are hundreds of such aspects that vanish off the skills of dream. Same is the case with research. Try to focus more and more on the work and nothing other than your commitments. This itself is an intelligent execute out. Some major aspects diet: Human digestive tract is fabricated by the creator of the universe for consuming fresh vegetables only. If non-veg weight loss cherished; create sure that it should not be more than once a week. There is a special recipe described in Ayurveda by the name

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