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They need smene FIFA Coins can defend lead guards at the ther end Mitchell can d that Hes a ball f energy and athleticism wh culd be a cmbine AllStar Luisville fans are praying he ges back fr his junir year Indiana Pacers Luke Kennard SG DukeKennard put up better numbers in the pickandrll than anyne in this draft as a sphmre at Duke Hes a lightsut shter

with gd size fr an ffguard at As lng as he can hld his wn defensively he shuld have a lng career Atlanta Hawks Jarrett Allen C TexasPrtland Trail Blazers Hamidu Diall SG KentuckyThe same lphle that allwed Thn Maker t enter the draft last seasn allws Diall t d the same thing this year He jined Kentucky midseasn but didnt play making him pssibly

the firstever nesemesteranddne prspect Diall was a nbrainer fivestar recruit as a shting guard with a strng upper bdy and elite athleticism He might need a year r tw in the DLeague t imprve his handle and midrange scring package but he lks like the rugh utline f everything yu want ut f a twguard He makes a lt f sense fr a team like Prtland with multiple

firstrund picksklahma City Thunder FIFA points Semi jeleye F SMUKC desperately needs a screr n the wing wh can take pressure ff Russell Westbrk jeleye culd be that guy He brke ut in his debut seasn at SMU this year after transferring frm Duke where he blssmed int a versatile threelevel screr Brklyn Nets Harry Giles C DukeGiles is anther player

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