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Adelaide NBL NBA Live Coins Fergusn is the type f player wh culd win bth a dunk cntest and a threepint shtut He was cnsidered a fivestar recruit ut f high schl and cmmitted t Arizna befre deciding t play prfessinally in Australia instead His numbers in the NBL were underwhelming but his physical tls are intriguing fr a twguard Charltte culd use a shter in the backcurt

Denver Nuggets G Anunby SF IndianaAnunby tre his ACL in January and Indiana prmptly cllapsed after he went dwn Hes a physical marvel with super lng arms and explsive leaping ability arund the rim He prjects as a versatile defensive frward wh wuld fit nicely next t ffensefirst types in Denver like Miami Heat Zach Cllins C GnzagaThe firstever

neanddne frm Gnzaga Cllins has gne frm a third string center at Las Vegas Bishp Grman High Schl behind Stephen Zimmerman and Chase Jeter t a certified lttery pick He brke ut in the NCAA turnament by helping lead Gnzaga t the Final Fur If he didnt get in ful truble in the title game the ‘Zags wuld prbably be natinal champChicag Bulls Justin Jacksn

Nrth CarlinaJacksn was a McDnalds NBA Live Mobile Coins  AllAmerican ut f high schl wh tested the draft waters last year by cming t the cmbine NBA teams tld him he needed t imprve as a shter and get mre athletic and thats exactly what he did in his junir seasn UNC gt a natinal Milwaukee Bucks Dnvan Mitchell SG LuisvilleIf the Bucks are cmmitted t Giannis at pint guard

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