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Perfect as a phone Authentic Diogo Jota Jersey , the Blackberry Bold 9000 also comes with a very practical html browser supported by a super swift 3G network for instant downloading and a great browsing experience as well as receiving and sending e-mails in a jiffy. It enables you to download various applications such as Google maps, Skype, facebook etc. Plus you also have the liberty to choose your own font size. The contact and tasks list and the built-in calendar among other task-oriented applications help you to stay organized.

The 2 mega pixel cameracamcorder in the Blackberry Bold 9000 eliminates the need of carrying around a digital camera and a video camera. The non-touch LCD screen with its crisp pixel resolution gives amazing picture clarity and the vibrant colors add life to videos and images. The QWERTY keyboard has perfectly spaced and sized buttons making typing easy and relatively error free. The backlit screen is a useful addition especially when typing in the dark.

Other features included in the Blackberry Bold 9000 are the Bluetooth, MicroSD expansion, built-in speaker phone Authentic Nicolas Gaitan Jersey , a mini USB Port, a 3.5mm headphone jack and GPS support. Features which simply spellbound the users were the quad-band roaming, conference calling, speaker phone, speed dial Authentic Yannick Carrasco Jersey , voice-activated dialing and multimedia and text messaging. To improve voice quality, the mobile is equipped with the background noise cancellation technology.

A year later in 2009, RIM launched the Blackberry Bold 9700 model. Attractive like its predecessor, this phone came with a 256 MB onboard memory and 2 GB media card to silence the critics who found the 128 MB onboard memory and 1 GB internal media memory a bit meek. The talk time of the 9700 was also increased to 6 hours and the music playback time up to 38 hours. For better and sharper images, the camera was updated to 3.2 mega pixels. The display too has a sharper resolution making the picture lifelike. The Operating System incorporated was the Blackberry OS 5.0 and like the Bold 9000 Authentic Angel Correa Jersey , it also had navigation and an optical track pad which responded at your touch.

The overwhelmed users braced themselves for another aftershock as they prepared to receive the Blackberry Bold 9780; the 2010 version of the Bold. The mobile now had a 5 MP auto focused camera and 512 MB onboard memory and 2 GB media card. RIM included Blackberry 6OS operating system. The battery life was the same as the Bold 9700. The new home screen layout was one of the best features of the Bold 9780 which gave the user easy access to all areas of the home page. Another laudable addition was the web browser kit making navigation between multiple sites fast and easy with tabbed browsing. You can also bookmark the favorites and the latest information was now at your fingertips. The pages appear in a format similar to that of your PC and the contents of the pages could be resized by zooming them in and out. All in all the 9780 was faster, more functional and more user friendly than the previous BlackBerry Bolds.

In 2010 the Blackberry Bold 9650 was launched. It was a hybrid of all the other Bold members; the 3.2 MP auto focused camera similar to the 9700, it shared its memory with the 9780. But what made it different was that its compatibility with CDMAEVDO REVA networks. It is more responsive and gives a solid performance.

With their powerful applications and outstanding performance, the Blackberry Bold series smartphones are simply the best. In this era where saving time has become a necessity, these phones connect you with the world in every possible way within seconds.

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