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Various Types Of Bad Workers Who Destroy A Business Various Types Of Bad Workers Who Destroy A Business June 26 Rays Drew Smyly Jersey , 2014 | Author: Joseph Jacob | Posted in Internet Business Online
When a business fails, many think that it is due to the unsold items or services they market. But in many occasions, the main issue behind a business failure is its workers. The issue can be the company owner, top level manager Rays Derek Norris Jersey , or a lower level employee. When bad people hold positions in an organization, it will destroy the business very easily.

The degree of power and the influence of bad employees may differ. It decides the time that a company can bankrupt. If the bad person is in the top level like a director, CEO or a manager; the business will bankrupt very fast. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to identify when the bad person is at the top. But it is too late when people realize it. Even if the people define so many other reasons that cause to business failures Rays Corey Dickerson Jersey , bad workers and teams are the main causes behind many bankrupts. A single person can fail the entire business even others work well.

Sometimes, we cannot believe that a person ruin our company even he actually does it.

Below we describe some bad employees who destroy businesses.

Some employees always expect training before doing any work. They always say that they don’t know what to do. Such people are very bad for an organization. These people always act as newly recruited ones. They always fail when doing something and keep lots of questions in their mind. Then, other workers have to do work on behalf of them and keep the accuracy of business. This makes busy and discouraged workers. It may also force good employees to leave the organization. Finally, only the bad employees will remain and others will leave. It will be the end of any company.

Some people work very hard during the first few days of their arrival and show other workers that can do something different. Other workers become scared and shocked by seeing the way that these new employees work. Such workers always try to find new ways to change the company processes by telling others that the existing processes are not good. Changing the existing processes is good if they are not effective Rays Colby Rasmus Jersey , but what happen if the company uses best practices? Then, the result is very bad. These types of workers can damage to the morale of good employees and reduce their productivity. It can lead to the company failures.

There is another type of bad employees who work very hard. They also help other workers to do their jobs. But for the extra works they do, these people expect additional benefits from the company such as longer breaks, longer free times Rays Chris Archer Jersey , more salaries and quick promotions. They also use company resources for their personal things. This is very bad for any business because employee fraud is one of the key factors behind business failures.

Therefore, it is vital to recognize bad people in your organization. Hence, always try to recognize such people before hiring them.

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