Topic: bicurious & head over heels yoga teacher- but is she gay? help me

Ok, so I’ve always thought myself as bi-curious, watched lesbian porn ect. But neve had a relationship with a girl or an ‘encounter’ that wasn’t on a night out. Right, now I go to a gym class with this woman every week, I really really like her. I’ve not felt this way about someone for a long time. I think she likes me too but im not sure if i’m reading too much into things and also as its a sortof teacher-student relationship in the gym I don’t want to do anything to make anyone awkward.

I don’t know if she’s gay or straight or bi, she’s got 3 kids, but has been saying stuff recently like there’s no right or wrong way, and also making up names for gym moves like ‘rainbow arms’ like I don’t know if she’s hinting or im just reading too much into this.

It’s difficult cus im quite shy and have zero experience figuring this all out with another woman, last week she told me my hair was nice and I was kicking myself all week for not complimenting her back. which I did today, in a jumbled u
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Re: bicurious & head over heels yoga teacher- but is she gay? help me

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