Topic: Help me alleviate my performance issues on Win10 through Linux.

Hi all,

I'm running:
Athlon II X2 250 3Ghz
and Windows 10 and all I do is browse the internet with FFox and watch a lot of videos.
Lately, W10 has become so slow at times as to be borderline unusable. The HDD just goes nuts and start working and working and everything is terribly slow.

Would I possibly get smooth performance if I transferred to some version of Linux, possibly one of the lightweight distros? Would there be a significant enough difference in terms of how much resources each OS consumes that it might make a significant performance difference?



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Re: Help me alleviate my performance issues on Win10 through Linux.

To be honest, It won't make any difference since your HDD is full of data and connect with FFOX. You need to extend your Ram to 6-8GB and HDD as well and see the difference. Don't always jampack your HDD with data it's obvious that your system starts running slow. But after all this, if it's still running slow then your board has issues and it needs to be changed or upgrade. So in that scenario, it would be better to switch to Linux by transferring your data( possibility some data might corrupt during the OS difference). I work as a senior IT consultant at the Best thesis writing service in UAE. You can take further guidance regarding your system through my email.

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