Topic: Do Self-priming pumps have to be irrigated and diverted for the first

When many users buy self-priming pumps, the merchants will tell you or the instructions indicate that the first time they use the pumps, they need to be irrigated and diverted before they start.

  In fact, self-priming pump as its name implies is that the pump can pump liquid level lower than the pump inlet, such as self-priming pump installed in the pool or riverside, the inlet pipeline into the pool or Hanoi, after opening the pump can pump up the water pool or Hanoi, this is self-priming pump. So the self-priming pump is classified according to the use method, that is to say, the pump that can play the self-priming function can be called the self-priming pump.

  Think about it this way, like screw pump, gear pump, diaphragm pump, self-priming centrifugal pump and so on, their working principle is different, but they all have self-priming pump function, that is to say, they can also be called self-priming pump, but their use is different, not for pumping oil, some for pumping clean water, some for pumping sludge and so on.

  After understanding these, although these pumps, such as screw pump, diaphragm pump, gear pump and so on, have self-priming function, they do not need irrigation and water diversion when they first use, because their structure is different from centrifugal pump, so when the pump starts, they can quickly generate vacuum in the pump body, and then suck up the liquid. Because of the impeller structure, self-priming centrifugal pump has a weak ability to vacuum, so when it is first used, there is no liquid in the pump body. He can not pump the pump body into a vacuum state very quickly, so water is needed to remove the air in the pump body, so as to achieve the effect of self-priming.

Our company has a flexible self-priming pump, which is made of stainless steel and can transport liquid containing impurity particles. It is clean and hygienic. It can be used to pump food-grade liquids such as jam, soy sauce and beverage. It has strong self-priming ability without blocking. What's more, it does not need irrigation and water for the first time. It can instantly self-priming pump. It's very good to use. If necessary, you can consult and contact us. Salesperson.
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