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Cisco Certifications have received recognition throughout the world. You will not be alone if you have the desire to become certified and earn a good living. These certifications are not just meant to let you enjoy money Danny Duffy USA Jersey , but they also let you excel in your career. Yes, they play an integral role in career growth too.

Let  have a look at one of the top Cisco certifications of all time; the 210-260 IINS i.e. Implementing Cisco Network Security. It tests the knowledge of the candidate for infrastructure of secure network, secure access management, core security conceptions Daniel Murphy USA Jersey , intrusion privation, security of email, web and content, firewalls Christian Yelich USA Jersey , endpoint security and VPN encryption.


It is a CCNA security exam that contains 60 to 70 questions. Time allowed to complete the exam is 90 minutes and it is available in English and Japanese language only.

The 210-260 consists of the following exam topics:

Security concepts- 12 Percent
VPN -14 Percent
Secure Routing & switching-18 Percent
IPS- 9 percent
Cisco Firewall Technologies- 18 Percent
Secure Access- 14 Percent
Content & Endpoint Security-12 Percent

Passing this exam means you will validate your skills for monitoring, installing, troubleshooting the secure network and ensure that confidentiality, integrity and data and devices availability is maintained.

Recommended Training

There are courses which are recommended for this exam:
IINS- Implementing Cisco Network Security
IINS- E-Learning Implementing Cisco Network Security

These course are only offered by the Cisco Learning Partners that are known as the authorized sources for Cisco IT training and they are run by the Cisco Instructors only.

Additional Resources

It is obvious that for the preparation of the exam Chris Archer USA Jersey , you will need additional resources and luckily all of them are available readily. You can get access to the Cisco Press tittles which can be purchased either directly from the Cisco Press or the marketplace bookstore of Cisco.

Other than this, if you want to assess yourself and you want to be sure that you pass the exam successfully to become Cisco Certified, you may need some help. For this purpose, practice exams are available. They contain sample questions and answers so that you can get an idea about what type of questions are asked in the exam and how you may attempt them. This will help you in overcoming the exam fear to a great extent. Make yourself comfortable by following this approach and see how well you can do in the exam.

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Choosing the correct ramp for a flight of stairs is important for a number of key reasons. Safety Buster Posey USA Jersey , ease-of-use and size, all play a part. Using the wrong ramp can put users鈥?health at risk, so it is vital to consider the guidelines before making a purchase. The correct ramp is one of the most crucial wheelchair accessories you will need.

Slope Gradient

The gradient of the ramp is critical to its safety. Opting for a short ramp to overcome one or two shallow steps might seem like a good choice, but it may not be safe. A two or three foot ramp is only suitable if the height of the ramp is quite low.

For typical wheelchair ramps for steps Brandon Crawford USA Jersey , a recommended minimum gradient would be 1:6. A rise of just one foot requires a ramp of six-feet in length. Mobility scooters require a gradient of 1:8. For instance, one-foot rise would need an eight-foot ramp. The extra length of is necessary because mobility scooter ramps have a low ground clearance.

Ramp Surface and Safety

Many ramps are purely for use by those on foot. For these ramps, give thought to the steepness of the slope and tread surface. Most ramps made for this purpose will have an indented walking surface. This provides the user with secure grip underfoot, making it less likely that they will slip.

Wet conditions increase the danger of sloped surfaces. Even with a textured walking surface Andrew Miller USA Jersey , metal ramps may still feel slippery.
Rain may cause extra problems for metal models. Choosing a ramp with a non-slip rubber surface may solve this. The user is less likely to slip when using these models, even in the rain.

Many people install a handrail alongside a ramp. These wheelchair accessories provide an extra degree of safety for someone either using a wheelchair or pushing one.

Fitted at the same height as a bannister, a handrail should extend for the length of the ramp.

Strength and Weight

Strength is also a key factor in choose the correct ramp. A mobility scooter, for example Andrew McCutchen USA Jersey , can weigh more than half a ton. Check the load bearing strength of the ramp before making a purchase.

As with many wheelchair accessories, another important factor when choosing wheelchair ramps for steps relates to their ease-of-use. Is it to be a permanent fixture, or portable? Many wheelchair users transport a portable ramp with them in the boot of a car. These models must be lightweight and easy to carry. A folding ramp is usually ideal for transporting in small spaces, such as a car boot.

Traditional solid ramps with no facility to fold are not usually suitable for this purpose. These ramps can be ideal when permanently fixed in place. If fitted correctly Alex Bregman USA Jersey , they will feel more stable and solid underfoot. Steel is very strong and traditionally used to build fixed ramps.

Because it is prone to rust, it is no longer such a common choice for portable models. A better option is aluminum because of its strength and low weight. It is also non-corrosive, which means it is better suited to wet conditions.

Portable Ramps

Aluminum wheelchair and mobility scooter ramps are the most popular on the market. The folding models are usually bi-folding or in some cases multi-folding.

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