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SAN FRANCISCO adidas nmd runner rendelés , June 19 (Xinhua) -- Research on heterostructuralalloys, built with materials of different structures, holds thepromise that their properties could be subject to greater controland that they could be better semiconductors.

While conventional alloys are isostructural, meaning thecompounds they consist of, known as the end members, have the samecrystal structure adidas yeezy boost 350 eladó , heterostructural alloys are blends of compoundsmade from materials that don't share the same atom arrangement.

Structure and composition are the two means of controlling thebehavior of materials, said study co-author Janet Tate, a physicistat Oregon State University (OSU). Combining materials gives thealloy properties between those that the end members haveindividually.

"An example of an istostructural alloy is an LED," she noted,"you have a semiconductor like aluminum gallium arsenide, dope itwith a particular material and make it emit light adidas yeezy boost 350 rendelés , and change thecolor of the light by changing the relative concentration ofaluminum and gallium."

However, "if two materials have different structures, as you mixthem together it's not so clear which structure will win," Tate,who worked with collaborators and published their findings inScience Advances, was quoted as saying in a news release from OSUon Monday.

"The two together want to take different structures adidas zx flux fehér , and so thisis an extra way of tuning an alloy's properties, a structural way.The transition between different crystal structures provides anadditional degree of control," Tate said.

Tate and graduate student Bethany Matthews have been focusing onthe semiconductor application. "Tin sulfide is a solar cellabsorber, and the addition of calcium sulfide changes the structureand therefore the electrical properties necessary for an absorber,"Tate said.

"Combining tin sulfide with calcium sulfide makes it moreisotropic - properties being the same regardless of orientation -and that's usually a useful thing in devices."

In addition, as a result of the study adidas stan smith női , thin-film synthesisconfirmed the metastable phases of the alloys that had beenpredicted theoretically. "Many alloys are metastable, not stable -if you gave them enough time and temperature, they'd eventuallyseparate," said Tate.

"The way we make them, with pulsed laser deposition, we allowthe unstable structure to form adidas superstar supercolor rendelés , then suppress the decompositionpathways that would allow them to separate; we don't give themenough time to equilibrate."

Metastable materials are thermodynamically stable provided theyare not subjected to large disturbances.

"When theorists predict properties, they tend to work withmaterials that are stable," Tate said. "In general the stablecompounds are easier to attack. The idea here with heterostructuralalloys is that they give us a new handle, a new knob to turn tochange and control materials' properties."

"This is a very interesting piece of materials science thatrepresents a somewhat uncharted area and it may be the beginningsomething quite important," she said about her research supportedby the U.S. Department of Energy.

"The heterostructural alloy concept had been known before, butit's different enough that it hadn't really been explored in adetailed phase diagram - the mapping of exactly how adidas superstar 2 rendelés , at whattemperature and what concentration, it goes from one structure toanother," she added. Enditem

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