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LAGOS, July 15 (Xinhua) -- Development of agriculture remains the only solution for the economic downturn that Nigeria is going through, a state governor said Friday.

The culture of free money has gone forever in Nigeria, Rauf Aregbesola, the governor of southwest state of Osun said at a meeting with Farmers' Association in the state.

He said for Nigeria to come out of its current economic doldrums, there must be a total shift from oil money, which in effect has contributed to total neglect of agriculture.

""Today, we have seen the effect of rent economy that the country has been running for the past half a century,"" he added.

""With the frittering away of the nation's resources by the immediate past government and the drastic reduction of crude oil price at the international market, the country's economy just went into recession,"" he said.

""Agriculture used to be our economic mainstay during and shortly after independence,"" Aregbesola told his audience.

He promised that government would do everything within its power and resources to assist in boosting farmers' production and harvesting capacity.

The governor added that government would continue to provide soft loans as well as make chemicals and fertilizer available to the farmers at subsidized rate.

According to him, farming is the backbone of any strong and developed nation.

""We must stop our heavy reliance on imported foods. We should be able to feed ourselves as a nation,"" Aregbesola said.

""More than ever before, our government is ready to help farmers in the state in all areas they want to practice, be it food or cash crop, poultry and the rest,"" the governor told his audience. Enditem


As the consumption of paper grows with book Dan Marino Womens Jersey , paper and newspaper production, we inevitably lose more trees. It will take many, many years to see this turned around. As a result Jordan Phillips Womens Jersey , reusing and recycling paper is even more crucial today than it ever was.

If left at a landfill site, paper such as magazines and newsprints does eventually break down entirely so there is nothing left. However, it’s foolish to just leave these reusable resources to rot DeVante Parker Womens Jersey , especially when we’re running short on them. Hence, to recycle and reuse resources is crucial.

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By thinking about it Charles Harris Womens Jersey , there are lots of uses for our old magazines and books. Those old books and magazines can be a terrific learning resource for your kids and they will have the chance to give them to others in the future. An old book will be useful to another person and it is simple for us discard of it in this manner.

If you have a lot of books that you don’t want to keep anymore then consider giving them to a library or to charity. If you contact a local library, they could very well take mags and books if they are in good condition. This will allow the library to provide a greater range of books, as well as give other people with more publications to read. So instead of just discarding a book or leaving it to gather dust Xavien Howard Womens Jersey , see about donating it to a library.

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The demand for paper continues to grow and a consequence of this is the reduction in the number of trees left. Creatures use trees as a natural home ground and they are important for the health of the environment. We can all help by our attempts to recycle and obtain better ways to recycle any papers, books and mags.

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