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Be Chenggong Photo: Li HaoGT
"I had written over 100 film critiques on my blog A. J. Cann Game Jersey , but only a little more than a dozen are left that I reluctantly find acceptable," Be Chenggong said on two different occasions during our interview.

Be was once one of the most attention grabbing film critics on Sina Weibo in China, but now he prefers to be thought of as a scriptwriter and composer.

Be stressed that although he wrote movie critiques he never truly thought of himself as a critic because his motivations for writing them stemmed partly from personal interest and partly from his disappointment with other critics. This life journey from film industry observer and commentator to film industry participant is shared by many Chinese working in the industry. However, although he has decided to open himself up to criticism by joining the industry, his natural inclination to be critical of film still creeps up from time to time, as seen from his Sina Weibo.

From outsider to insider

Be still recalls when he first watched James Cameron's Terminator 2 at the age of 10. "When the liquid metal shifted into a human T.J. Yeldon Game Jersey , I felt uncomfortable from head to toe. I was almost scared crazy," Be said, explaining that back then neither of his parents, who brought the videotape back, had known it was an R rated film.

"But I was also deeply impressed by how extraordinary Hollywood films could be," Be added.

Alien Yannick Ngakoue Game Jersey , Indiana Jones, Top Gun, Jurassic Park, True Lies and Forrest Gump - Be talks about Hollywood films like he is sharing his own family treasures. "Though I tried to watch a few films from other countries, none were as interesting as those from Hollywood," Be noted.

Majoring in history for both his bachelor and master degrees Dede Westbrook Game Jersey , his teenage hobby of watching films somehow caught up to him. From the beginning of the 21st century, Be began to write reports about the North American box office for news portal sina as well as analyzing the Oscars after 2004.

"In the 1980s, 1990s and even the beginning of the 21st century, films in China were almost pure art," Be commented, adding that he feels director Feng Xiaogang together with Huayi Brothers Cam Robinson Game Jersey , and director Zhang Yimou together with New Pictures were major contributors to the commercialization of the Chinese film industry.

"Because of this commercialization, the possibility opened up for people like myself to contribute to the industry in a way that did not exist when we chose our majors during our 20s," Be said.

Going deeper

Be described his time as a film critic as lasting from the first Harry Potter film in 2001 to the last one in 2011.

"I did not write any film critiques after the last Harry Potter," Be said, adding that he made an exception for Gravity because he admired the film so deeply. "I stopped writing after 2011 because I wanted to stay independent."

Be told the Global Times that he felt humiliated about two years earlier when a big production company asked him to write a positive critique of their blockbuster film, for which they would pay him 5 Logan Cooke Game Jersey ,000 yuan ($800).

"There are few film critics in China today who are not taking money [from production companies]. The only difference is the skill with which they hide themselves," Be noted.

Considering today's social media, the title of "film critic" is easily gained in China as some just crown themselves. However, the fact that it is also an underappreciated job may be why many critics need to earn a living through other means.

While film critics are often full-time reporters in the US, Be pointed out that in China being a film critic is usually just a side-job. Also because of high professional requirements - critics need to understand everything from cinematography to costuming to acting - Be explained many people just write opinion reviews instead of critiques.

"That's why I only have 10 film critiques left on my blog. The others are just too shallow," Be explained.

Learning from overseas

Be explained that another reason he stopped writing film critiques was because he didn't feel it was appropriate to judge the films of others now that he was on the inside.

However Ronnie Harrison Game Jersey , a quick look at Be's personal Weibo account sees that he still teases everything from Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie to domestic veteran director Chen Kaige's latest work Monk Comes Down the Mountain.

Meanwhile, although the thirty-something is still a newcomer to the industry, Be didn't hesitate to boldly criticize his peers as well as seniors from time to time during our interview.

Throughout his years of commenting on films, actors and directors, Be never once hid his admiration for the Hollywood film industry, which he feels is a very mature model.

"I think this is the direction the Chinese film industry should develop in A.J. Bouye Game Jersey ," Be said, explaining that he is constantly promoting the idea that studios should focus on making films that have commercial appeal.

For example, while critics have panned Guo Jingming's Tiny Times franchise as being shallow and materialistic, Be has a more positive opinion.

According to Be, Sex and the City and Bridesmaids are the Hollywood counterparts to Tiny Times.

"It is naive to oppose Tiny Times based on moral values… Some people are just jealous and there are some authoritative senior filmmakers who feel uncomfortable to see a young man [such as Guo] accomplishing more than they are," Be noted.

"Films were born to be an entertainment product. There is no obligation for a film to have some sort of moral value Myles Jack Game Jersey , though good films often do."

By comparison, Be disapproves of so-called "art films" which "make a fuss about an imaginary illness" but at the same time "have ulterior motives in an overheated commercial environment."

"Han Han's [The Continent] is a typical example," Be pointed out.

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