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IGEL Technology: the specialist manufacturer of thin clients and zero clients fi
Posted by igelclient on September 7th Brendan Leipsic Jersey , 2015

As nature shows, perfection can often be found in the simplest of things. Nature follows a simple principle: only be satisfied with the best. These are the words at the start of the new IGEL Technology company film. The international manufacturer from Bremen would like to maximize efficiency and offer companies the best technology with its thin clients and zero clients.

Thin clients for any IT environment

IGEL regards the universality of its desktop solutions as a key strength. The thin clients from the German market leader can connect to various server and cloud-hosted IT systems. This makes them particularly suitable for cloud computing and virtual desktops.

Secure data access worldwide

With IGEL thin clients, zero clients and software thin clients, users can log on anywhere in the world and enjoy immediate access to their data and user interfaces. Access to applications and data is provided in a reliable Colin Miller Jersey , secure manner. At the same time, the thin clients and zero clients from IGEL use up to 77 percent less electricity than a PC. With their efficient design, they help to protect the environment.

Impressive hardware and software

In addition to its thin clients and zero clients, IGEL impresses with its powerful remote management software. The IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS) comes supplied with all thin clients Deryk Engelland Jersey , zero clients and software thin clients. Installation and remote management can be carried out easily and conveniently using drag and drop and point and click.

Client standardization using software thin clients

IGEL has also developed the IGEL Universal Desktop Converter (UDC) software for standardization with the help of software thin clients. This allows companies and government agencies to convert not only their PCs but also new nettops and notebooks into IGEL Universal Desktop thin clients and to operate them reliably until the hardware finally fails. They can then be replaced by "real" thin clients within minutes.

Thin clients virtually administer themselves

It is only possible to take full advantage of the benefits of thin clients and zero clients with an intelligent and time-saving remote management system, regardless of whether VMware, Citrix or Microsoft is used on the server side. Thin Clients and zero clients from IGEL grow along with requirements. Thanks to the many automated functions within the IGEL UMS, they virtually administer themselves.

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