Topic: Water Isolation Slurry Pump Working Principle


Water isolation slurry pump is a kind of slurry conveying equipment with large flow, high lift, high efficiency, long life and low cost. It feeds pulp from high-level pulp pool (concentration pool or feeding pump) to the lower part of float ball in isolation tank, then supplies high-pressure water to the upper part of float ball with clear water pump, then transfers pressure to pulp through float ball, and pushes pulp to outer pipeline and delivers it to designated location.

The hydraulic station controlled by a computer drives six clear water valves, so that three isolation tanks alternately discharge and feed slurry to achieve uniform and stable transportation. Through the feedback signal of sensors, the computer monitors the system in real time, and the fault diagnosis expert system analyses and judges the fault, and then prompts the operator through the visual system.

The general idea and principle of this product are innovative. It uses centrifugal water pump with high efficiency and long life as power source and uses floating ball, a clever isolation device, to separate working medium (clean water) from transmission medium (slurry). The isolation device transfers clear water power to the slurry, and transforms the rotating motion mode of the centrifugal pump into the reciprocating motion mode of the volume pump. This product has the dual characteristics of large flow rate of centrifugal pump and high lift of reciprocating pump.

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