Topic: EVA Common Sense

Foamy eva Principle:
Compared with polyethylene, EVA reduced crystallinity, improved flexibility, impact resistance, compatibility of fillers and thermal sealing properties because of the introduction of ethylene acetate monomer into the molecular chain. Generally speaking, the properties of EVA resin mainly depend on the content of ethylene acetate on the molecular chain. The higher the content of ethylene acetate (VA content) is, the higher its transparency, softness and toughness will be.

EVA Thermal conductivity (normal temperature) 0.035 Grade HF-1 low temperature bending less than or equal to 20 elongation at break 50 compressive strength 200 tensile strength 150 High energy attraction, low pollution, good anti-shock and anti-skid effect, use temperature-20g 100 tear strength 50, Long service life. Electrical fire-proof grade up to HF-1 level. Is the first choice for home appliances manufacturing.

eva foam sheets Pad is based on EVA foam cotton, single-sided or double-sided coated high performance pressure sensitive adhesive, composite single-silicon or double-silicon detached material, can be used for single side bonding of domestic oil glue or imported double-sided tape, Then use a high-precision die-cutting machine or punching die-cutting machine. Can be punched into circular, square, non-standard shape, adhesive paste, rubber pad and so on according to different requirements.

Mainly suitable for electronics, electrical appliances, high-tech products, home, toys, metal plastics, printing panels and other industries of shock, buffer, anti-slip preferred. Widely used in the prevention of electronic appliances furniture, ceramics, glass, wood, metal and other products to be rubbed and scratched, but also can reduce the noise caused by the movement of objects, make up for electrical appliances, furniture foot uneven, at the same time can play a non-slip, anti-shock, Buffering and many other functions..

EVA Pad has good flexibility, rubber elasticity and resistance to high and low temperature. It has good use elasticity in the temperature range of -20 ℃ -150 ℃, density 38P-45P, special density 55P-60Pn 75P-80P, error range: ±3P. It is generally measured with a measuring instrument. Technical parameters: specific gravity: 1.6-1.7 breaking force: 5MP.

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