Topic: I was busy moving

I was busy moving for a day or two, and I finally got everything. After a while, I found that there was nothing to do. I thought that I had not written the text for many days, and my heart was hollow. I felt that I should write something. In fact, there are many things that are worth worrying about, but there is no need to worry, because this is something outside the body. Sometimes, you don't have to be too embarrassed. If you let yourself go, you will let go of others, and the whole world will be peaceful. If everyone thinks so, everyone must be able to live more easily and happier. I am less than a hundred years old, and I am often worried about my thousand years old. Perhaps, peace of mind is the eternal law of life. Is it too unintentional for me? Or it��s too AQ. It��s a mess everywhere, only my corner is quiet. I think I can calm down and write a few words. The partiality is just in front of me, and it is not easy to write. Is it a penny? Is it bad after halfway? However, the brain does not listen, and the thoughts are also swaying. It seems that it is not easy to keep the wind from moving Cigarette Wholesale. The great realm needs to have a great consciousness. After all, my consciousness is a bit low and my heart is quiet. Between a thought, a thousand emotions. Otherwise, why should the sages say that "the body is a bodhi tree, the heart is like a mirror, and it is always diligent, and it is dusty." There is dust in the heart, and the natural leaves are smeared. The trip in front of me is a little smaller. However, my heart has been dusted. I am afraid that I can��t continue to write it back. Today is a special day �C my mother��s birthday. My birthday was only a few days away from my mother's birthday. I was forgotten today. If it��s not a reminder on the phone, I��m a little sorry to raise my mother. I rarely spend my birthday with my mom. The only thing I can give is the blessing of the screen. I wish her old man a healthy and healthy life, and no one has spared years. The mother gave birth to a lot of white hair under the torture of the years, and it was ups and downs in the years. We are the works that the mother polished in the years. Although it is not perfect, it is also the only one that is yesterday's text. I wanted to do it all at once, but suddenly I was unable to write it. Looking at the previous article today, I feel that it is not good to be hard. Li Bai has a saying: "Abandon me, you can't stay on the day of yesterday; those who are chaotic with me, worry more today." Yes, I have already abandoned me yesterday. Naturally, I don��t have to mention it again Cheap Cigarette Cartons. Because I haven��t been doing morning exercises for several days, today I have finally resumed my normal morning exercise and solved my heart. When I changed to a new place, the place where I used to exercise was naturally gone. I can't find anyone to play badminton, so I have to run first. Around the residence, around a big circle, ran for half an hour, sweating out, Shutai running is a person's sport, playing badminton is a sport of two people or even more people, in comparison, playing badminton interesting Newport Menthol Cigarettes. Just a new environment, we have to slowly discover new venues and new partners. Having said that Cheap Newports, which kind of sports are sports, as long as they are willing to move Newport Cigarettes Wholesale, there is no bad yesterday, such as yesterday's death; today, all kinds of things, nowadays. Starting today, everything is new.

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