Topic: Cautions for Use of High Temperature Furnace Oven

1. The oven should work indoors and be installed smoothly.

2. Power input should be equipped with special front-stage on-off switch and well grounded wire.Почему быстрорежущие?стальные заготовки подвергаются отжигу и каковы процессы отжига

3. Power supply, voltage and power wiring must be checked before power can be used.

4. When the oven is newly purchased or put on hold for a long time, it should be baked at 80-100 C for two hours at low temperature before starting to raise the temperature in order to facilitate moisture leakage, enhance insulation performance and prolong the life of porcelain parts.Спекание и формование молибденового порошка

5. The probe of thermosensitive element for instrument temperature control should be inserted into the working room from the temperature measuring hole of the left circuit, and not from the central hole of the box top valve, so as to avoid affecting the use.Температура отпуска и принцип отпуска штамповой стали

6. When the oven is used for the first time, it should be observed carefully to avoid overheating of the workpiece and causing losses.

7. When the thermal inertia is slightly larger, a set of heaters can be closed to reduce the heating power and prevent the excessive inertia from causing overheating.Спекание титана и титановых сплавов

8. Remove baking items: Do not impact the part of the thermostat that extends into the studio to prevent damage to the thermostat from causing failure.

9. The oven should not bake explosive, flammable and volatile items without explaining "explosion-proof oven" in order to prevent explosion.

10. In case of malfunction, please have professional electrician repair.Спекание нержавеющей стали

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