Topic: Vertical shielded pump

Introduction to vertical shielded pump:
For many years, the vertical pump is the fountain of research results, in combination with the shield machine both at home and abroad advanced technology, in order to meet the requirements of modernization and launched a new series of products vertical shielding pump structure is reasonable, stable performance, has the advantages of low noise, low vibration, low temperature rise, is replace the existing conventional horizontal centrifugal pump, vertical pipe pump is the ideal product. Performance range of shielded pump: flow 3.8-1440m3/h, head 5-85m, motor power 0.55-132kw, speed 1450r/min and 2900r/min.
LHP vertical shielded pump features
1. New low-speed shielded motor and dielectric self-circulation system are adopted to ensure low noise, low vibration and low temperature rise of the unit.
2. The pump body of the shielded pump is of pipeline structure. The inlet and outlet are standard flange sizes of the same caliber, and they are on the same Central Line.

  3, mechanical and electrical coaxial, the use of fully closed, no shaft seal (only static seal and no dynamic seal) of the unique structure, to prevent the leakage of liquid, to ensure that the transmission of medium and no pollution to the environment.

  4. Replace the rolling bearings used in conventional motors with sliding bearings without maintenance. The operation of shielded centrifugal pump is stable and the vibration noise is extremely low.

  5, easy installation and maintenance, no need to remove the pipeline system, as long as the pump body connection bolt mother can be removed all rotor parts for inspection and maintenance.

  6, the unique installation structure, greatly reduces the size of the pump, saving the amount of capital construction.

  7. The user can install and run the pump in series or in parallel according to the actual use requirements.
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