Topic: Causes and hazards of boiler fouling

Boiler fouling is a key concern in boiler maintenance and overhaul, because fouling not only threatens the safe operation of the boiler, but also greatly increases the maintenance and repair costs of the boiler and shortens the service life of the boiler. For the problem of boiler fouling, we should analyze the causes of the boiler in depth and take effective preventive measures in time to provide a strong guarantee for the safety, energy saving and economic operation of the boiler.
1. Causes of scaling
(1) carbonate, sulfate scale
The reason for the formation of carbonate and sulfate scale is that the solubility of calcium and magnesium salts in the boiler feed water, carbonates, sulfates, etc. decreases with increasing temperature, and scales are precipitated to a certain extent. Carbonate scale is generally formed in places where heat is not too strong; sulfate scale is generally precipitated at high temperatures, often occurring on heated surfaces with relatively strong heat, in the water wall tubes and convection tubes of boilers. common.
(2) silicate scale
The chemical composition of silicate scale is mainly aluminum and iron silicic acid compounds, and its chemical structure is relatively complicated. This scale has the hardest texture and very poor thermal conductivity, so it is the most harmful, generally in the furnace tube with high boiler heat load. Formed in.
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